Resident Liaison Officer Job Description

Gravesham Borough Council
Housing and Regeneration
Housing Contracts
Post Title:
Resident Liaison Officer
Responsible to:
Business Manager
Job Description
This job description is intended as a working document only, giving a guideline to the
major tasks to be performed. It is anticipated that the post will develop as working
practices change in order to meet the demands of the service, new legislation or
policies of the council. It is expected the post holder will contribute to and assist in
the development of such changes.
Job summary
Key aspect of the role is tenant liaison and to assist in all aspects of resident
engagement on planned maintenance activity.
To provide information and support to residents in the planned programme of works.
Facilitating the smooth running of projects by building and maintaining positive and
professional relationships between the residents, contractors and Gravesham
Borough Council.
Main responsibilities
To liaise with senior/ external RLOs and ensure residents have been advised
of; nature of intended work, fully understand the process, estimated time
scales, the councils and residents responsibilities and details of the appointed
To liaise with Construction Manager(s) and arrange meeting/ consultations
with resident groups to communicate planned maintenance and receive their
feedback. This may mean taking and distributing minutes from the meetings.
To liaise with Construction Manager(s) and assist in resolving no-access
issues with residents and contracors.
To investigate and if possible resolve first stage complaints by residents in
connection with planned maintenance works. If unable to resolve then ensure
the council’s complaints procedure is followed and the relevant officers are
briefed on cases.
To liaise with RLOs and Construction Manager(s) and produce
comprehensive letters, leaflets and other documentation to advise residents
of the improvements and planned works. The documents must be clear and
concise and take into account any equality and diversity issues.
To ensure the contractors have correct ID in place and ensure the resident is
aware of this. The post holder should report any concerns regarding this or
the contractors health and safety practices to the Construction Manager
Arrange for satisfaction surveys for all residents, collating responses to
highlight any issues and offering solutions to improve.
To ensure that all case files/ work records / performance logs are maintained
and kept are kept up to date.
To collate asset management data relating to planned maintenance works
To provide relevant statistical information as required by the team.
To carry out such other duties as may be required of you, commensurate with the
grade and level of responsibility, as directed by management.
To participate as required in the Council’s Emergency Planning Operations which
may involve duties outside the post holder’s normal job description and contracted
hours. In the event that an incident has occurred which disrupts the council’s ability
to deliver it’s critical functions, the post holder will be expected to participate in the
recovery stage which may include undertaking duties within the post holder’s
competencies in other departments and/or at other locations.
A commitment and contribution to the Council’s Equal Opportunities Policy is an
essential requirement of the post.
The post holder will carry out all duties and activities having regard to the provisions
of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, and in accordance with any instructions
from senior members of staff under that Act or any Council or Departmental Codes of
Practice or Procedures.
The post holder will comply with Statute and Council Policy in all respects.
An awareness and commitment to section 17 which places a statutory duty on police
and local authorities to work in partnership to reduce crime and promote community
safety. It is also required that community safety is to be a thread running through all
functions of the LA
A commitment to excellent customer service and the values of the Council.
POST: Resident Liaison Officer
(Specific skills and abilities
required to undertake the
Excellent written and oral
communication skills with the
ability to convey information
Demonstrable customer
service skills within a customer
facing environment. Proven
history of continually putting
the customer first, ensuring
quality service provision and
Proven working knowledge of
IT packages including Word,
Excel, internet and databases.
Demonstrable ability to work
unsupervised and on own
initiative, within deadlines and
to procedures.
Ability to multi-task with flexible
attitude to move from one role
to another at very short notice.
Ability to manipulate data in
order to collate figures and
reports for performance
indicators and statistical
Ability to work sensitively and
confidentially, recognising
diversity and individual needs.
(Particular knowledge which will
be necessary to perform the
work effectively, e.g. of specific
legislation or regulations).
Knowledge of social housing
Understand of equality issues.
Numerate and literate
qualifications and other
(Level and type of previous
An awareness of the
Date Protection Act
Experience of working within a
busy front line service.
Customer Service NVQ
Experience handling complex
enquiries in person, diffusing
difficult situations, focusing on
the issues raised and working
to ensure a positive outcome.
(Particular qualities necessary
to carry out the works, e.g.
ability to work under pressure or
work co-operatively in a team).
Will have a considerable
impact on the effectiveness
and credibility of Housing
willingness to work unsociable
hours or wear a uniform)
Flexibility to work additional
hours during peak times,
occasional out of hours.
Full clean driving licence and
use of own vehicle
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