S2 Folio for Mobile phone. - Castlebay Community School

Mobile-phone holder Folio
Design Brief
Design, model and manufacture a device to
hold a mobile phone or mp3 player. The
final design must be manufactured using
acrylic and include a bend in the design.
Begin by modelling prototypes out of card.
Design Specification
The phone holder must:
• Be correct size to
hold phone
• Look good
• Be stable
• Be colourful
• Be smooth
• Have no sharp edges
• Be non-toxic
• Have no small parts
• Have access to
charge phone
• Have room for fingers
to remove from holder
• Have a design that
appeals to me
My phone measures:
116 x 62 x 14
My fingertip measures:
11 x 14 x 24
My thumb measures:
21x 16 x 30
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