ScoutSurge Letter to Leadership

Scouting Professionals and Volunteer Leaders:
During the first 11 days of September, Scouts all over the United States are taking part in Scout
Surge 9/11, a campaign that gets Scouts involved in our nation’s commemoration of those who
were affected by the events of September 11, 2001.
For more than a century, the BSA has honored America during times of remembrance by
serving and contributing to the common good. This year, Scout Surge 9/11 provides local
Scouts suggestions on service projects and a place to share their stories.
Also, Scouts are encouraged to invite their local communities to remember the 10th anniversary
of the events by gathering to watch the movie New York Says Thank You. The New York Says
Thank You Foundation sends hundreds of volunteers from New York City along with disaster
survivors from across the country to help rebuild communities recovering from disaster. The
movie chronicles the group’s efforts and features a segment on Little Sioux Scout Ranch in
Iowa, which was devastated by a 2008 tornado.
We encourage your Scouts to use social media to spread the word of their projects in their local
communities and beyond. They also can post service project ideas and event pictures on or on your council’s Facebook page.
Scouts looking for additional ideas and ways to make an impact can find more information on More information concerning New York Says Thank You is available
News media will be looking for local angles for the 10-year anniversary of 9/11, and local Scouts
participating in the Scout Surge 9/11 campaign provide positive stories about service and
remembrance. To assist you in this process of sharing the story with your local media, we have
included the BSA National Council news release and a local council media advisory you can
tailor for your use.
Our Scouts embody the strength and power of America to rise up and make a difference, and
through Scout Surge 9/11, they will be a shining example of the American spirit in action. We
hope you’ll encourage your Scouts to participate.
Thank you for your continued dedication to Scouting.
Eric Moore and Debra Griffith, BSA National Council Scout Surge 9/11 Project Co-chairs