Weekly Email 2/29/16

This is going to all of Troop 243 and is the troop’s Weekly email for 2-29-16. This week
is a troop meeting and the service patrol, which is suppose to arrive 15 minutes early, is
Legacy. All troop resources are always available at our web site, www.troop243.com.
This is a new email address from which you are receiving this email. Please make a note
of it because I will check the old on less and less frequently until it is gone.
1) Ad-Altare-Dei Program Starting; 2) Flower Sale Cooperation Needed!; 3)Hike Bike
and Shoot Camp Out; 4) Family Life Merit Badge; 5) Scout Sunday Mass; 6) Philmont
Trek Practice Hike; 7) Cherokee District Awards Dinner; 8) Adult Wilderness Training;
Attachment – Wilderness First Aid Flier, Family Life Workbook, Four Month Calendar
and March Newsletter
1) A Scout is reverent! Ad Altare Dei will be starting towards the end of March. It is
open to all Catholic scouts and scouts who are interested in the Catholic Faith, who are
currently in 6th grade or older. It is a great program to tie what you are already doing as a
scout to your faith life. The first meeting will be an information/orientation session for
interested scouts and parents. Please contact Paul Heitkemper at pheit101@gmail.com or
502-640-6079 for more information.
2) FLOWER SALES : Remember to arrive about 15-20 minutes early to any week's
meeting to turn in flower sales orders. and check back with the team before leaving
to ensure there aren't any problems. Thanks so much!!
3) The Bike, Hike and Shoot campout is coming up the weekend of March 18th, 19th and
20th. I’ve attached the list of scouts and leaders who are missing documentation. Scouts
who are missing paperwork or have a negative scout account cannot attend our campouts.
The price is $26 for scouts who will participate in multiple activities in both halves of the
day. Scouts who are going to participate in the 10 Mile hike, which is an all day activity,
will be $17. Ten-mile hikers will not be allowed to participate in other activities even if
they return from the hike early. Parents and guests will pay for their own food for $9 and
$0 for registered leaders with all documentation submitted. Anyone who wants to climb
should reserve a spot to climb by March 11th.
4) Family Life merit Badge session from on March 6th from 1-4 at St. JP II’s Hikes Lane campus
Attached is the workbook we’ll be using for this merit badge. If a scout prefers to
complete this workbook digitally, please make sure they bring that device with them on Sunday
and let me know so I can avoid printing excess copies of the workbook.
Scouts are encouraged to get a head start completing the workbook this week,
particularly requirements 1 through 3.
For requirement 4 all scouts should align with their parents on a home project idea that
will benefit their family prior to our session on Sunday, as I need to approve these projects in
advance. Examples of good project ideas are below:
Paint a room
Clean and organize the kitchen, including cleaning the refrigerator and stove
Take down window treatments and wash windows
Clean the garage, attic or basement
Create a home video or digital scrapbook of family events
5) This Sunday, at 11:00 at the St. John Paul II Hikes Lane campus, we will celebrate
Scout Sunday. We would love to have volunteers to fill these positions; lectors, ushers,
greeters, choir members, gift bearers, and Eucharistic ministers. Everyone should wear
clean and pressed Class A's. If you would like to fill one of these positions please contact
Gwan Cox at gwancox23@gmail.com. As an aside, If you want to fill the position of
organizing this next year, the opportunity is available. Also, If anyone has a complete list
of our religious awards winners, please contact Gwan so she can make sure they are
recognized at Mass. PLEASE Call tomorrow, Tuesday, at the latest, if at all possible.
6) The next Philmont Trek practice hike is on the weekend of March 11th, 12th and 13th at
the Red River Gorge. This is a long and very important practice hike.
7) The Cherokee adult awards dinner will be held this year at St. Edwards Parish on
March 5th. Admission starts at 6:00 and the cost is $20 now that we are past the early
bird date. If you are a registered troop leader, we will reimburse you $15 of the $20 after
you attend the dinner and provide a receipt. They will also be honoring Eagle Scouts at
this meeting. We will reimburse you for the $10 expense for an Eagle Scout. Lastly, our
award winners attend the dinner without cost to the troop. These folks have RSVPed and
I will register you as a group: Kennedy 2, Stuecker 3, Tobin 3, Sheehy 3 and Sharon 4.
8) Lincoln Heritage Council will host Adult Wilderness First Aid Training at Harry S.
Frazier Camp Ground. This training is from 8-5 on Saturday 3/12 and ends at noon on
3/13. Follow this link to register on line https://www.kintera.org/AutoGen/Register/Register.asp?ievent=1154660&en=5oJzGIMj
also included an informational flier that has all of this years training opportunities listed,
as an attachment to this email. Camping is available but not required and no food is
provided. Troop 243 will reimburse you for the cost of this training after you attend the
training and provide us a receipt. The Archdiocese of Louisville will not allow us to
reimburse you without a receipt.
Please reply to this email if you would like to be removed from this email list.