Credit by examination for French 102

Credit by examination for French 102- French 1 (5 units) , French 102A or French
102B (2.5 units each)
Instructor of record:
Chantal Maher (760) 744-1150 ext 3325 Office: F-3E
Please schedule a 15 minute appointment with the Professor as soon as possible for an
oral proficiency test and completion of the form. You may not take the exam before your
oral test.
The written exam will include grammatical and cultural material comparable to what is
usually covered in French 2 (see below for suggested review). Review can be done using
any basic French textbook. The following books are available for reviewing in the
language laboratory (F-1):
1. Allons-y!, Fifth edition Textbook and Audio CD/Tapes, by Jeannette D. Bragger
Bragger and Donald B. Rice, Heinle& Heinle. Textbook, tapes, video cassettes.
2. Horizons, Third Edition by J. Manley, S. Smith, J. McMinn and M. Prévost, Heinle &
Heinle. Texbook, CD/ Tapes, video cassettes.
Fren 102
French 102A
(3 units)
French 102B
(3 units)
Review of the passé composé
The verbs vouloir, pouvoir, devoir
The verbs sortir, partir, dormir
The imparfait
Using the imparfait and the passé composé
Pronominal verbs in present, passé and futur immédiat
The verb venir and its usage fort the passé
The partitif articles and expressions of quantity
The verb boire
The pronoun en
The conditional
Overview of le Monde francophone (French speaking
countries, history, music, film and literature)
The future tense
The verbs savoir and connaître
Direct object pronouns le, la, l’( review)
Object pronouns me, te, nous, vous
Indirect object pronouns
The verbs dire, lire, écrire
Geographical expressions (à Paris, en France…)
Relative pronouns qui and que
The subjunctive present of regular and irregular verbs
Usage of subjunctive (after impersonal
expressions,verbs of
emotion and will)
Subjunctive/ infinitive
The imperative( review)
Overview of le Monde francophone (French speaking
countries, history, music, film and literature)