Questionnaire for my French Teacher


The Putney School Language Department

Placement information for an incoming student of French

To the student:

Please give this questionnaire to your current French teacher to complete so that we can place you in the appropriate French class.

To the current language teacher:

Please help us place your student in the appropriate level at The Putney School by filling out this form and returning it to us at the address below by July 7 or as early as possible so we can continue the scheduling process. We appreciate your help. Thank you.

Juliane Danielski

Language Department Chair

The Putney School

418 Houghton Brook Road

Putney, VT 05346

Or email it to [email protected]

Student Name ________________________________________________________________

Teacher Name ________________________________________________________________

Current School ________________________________________________________________

Grade entering Putney 9 th 10 th 11 th 12 th

Level/Name of current French course ____________________________________________

Anticipated year-end grade A+ A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F

Current French grammar text ____________________________________________________

Literature Text ________________________________________________________________

Percentage of class taught in French 20% 40% 50% 80% 100%

Reading Comprehension: Excellent Good Average Poor

Listening Comprehension: Excellent

Speaking Skills: Excellent







Writing Skills: Excellent Good Average Poor


Place an


by the grammar topics that


have been covered thoroughly by the end of the current French class.

_____ definite articles

_____ indefinite articles

_____ the partitive

_____ plural of nouns

_____ numbers 1-100

_____ the verb être

_____ adjective agreement and descriptive adjectives

_____ possessive adjectives

_____ present tense of -er verbs

_____ inversion questions

_____ negations

_____ the verb avoir

_____ prepositions of location

_____ stress pronouns (disjunctive pronouns)

_____ the verb aller

_____ the verb prendre

_____ the verb boire

_____ the verb faire

_____ present tense of -ir verbs

_____ present tense of -re verbs

_____ present tense of spell-change -er verbs

_____ the verbs dire, écire, lire

_____ passé composé with avoir

_____ passé composé with être

_____ the imperative

_____ demonstrative adjectives

_____ indirect object pronouns

_____ direct object pronouns

_____ formation and placement of adverbs

_____ formation of the imperfect

_____ passé composé and imperfect compared

_____ the verbs savoir and connaître

_____ the verb venir

_____ the verb venir and the recent past

_____ the verbs devoir, vouloir and pouvoir

_____ comparatives and superlatives of adjectives and adverbs

_____ double object pronouns

_____ reflexive verbs

_____ the passé composé of reflexive verbs

_____ the pronouns y and en

_____ prepositions with the infinitive

_____ reciprocal reflexives

_____ the verbs offrir and ouvrir

_____ the conditional

_____ the verbs voir, recevoir, apercevoir, and croire

_____ the future simple

_____ relative pronouns qui, que, dont, lequel, and où

_____ demonstrative pronouns

_____ the pluperfect

_____ the past conditional

_____ the future perfect

_____ “if” clauses

_____ the present subjunctive

_____ the past subjunctive

_____ comparatives and superlatives of nouns

_____ possessive pronouns

_____ the simple past

Are there any additional notes concerning performance, pedagogy, or material that will allow us to accurately place this student?