82/01 Wind Energy Developments on REPS Farms

Circular No. 82/01
To each RI, AS, DS and RDE Inspector
To all approved REPS Planning Agencies
30 November, 2001.
Wind Energy Developments on REPS Farms.
Where a Wind Energy development and ancillary service road access and
underground cable laying works are undertaken on land declared in a REPS plan the
following conditions shall apply:
 All such developments shall be carried out in accordance with planning
 Duchas shall be notified of any proposed developments on NHA, SPA,
SAC lands;
 External farm boundaries to be maintained in a stockproof condition where
disturbance of same is necessitated by the development.
 The project developer shall engage the services of an approved REPS
planner/planning agency on a consultancy basis to oversee the works;
 The approved REPS planner/planning agency engaged shall furnish to the
relevant Local FDS Office of the Department the names and REPS
reference numbers of scheme participants affected;
 On completion of the development the approved planner/planning agency
shall certify the re-instatement of any lands disturbed.
Administrative Procedures:
Where the development consists of the erection of wind turbines and/or access
roads, an amendment to individual REPS plans will be required. The eligible
area for payment shall be reduced by the actual land area devoted to the
development. Normally this will be the area defined in the contractual
arrangements between the developer and the land owner in the form of leases or
wayleave agreements.
Reimbursement of aid previously paid on the area excluded from the REPS plan
shall be required from the commencement date of the existing five year plan.
Where the development consists of the laying of underground cables only and
the local FDS office has been notified, no amendment to the REPS plan is
required. In all cases however, certification by the planner/planning agency
engaged by the developer of re-instatement of any lands disturbed must be filed
on completion of the works.
If you require any further clarification, please contact Mr. Lorcan O’Shea,
Agricultural Structures Division, Johnstown Castle Estate, Co. Wexford, Telephone
No. (053) 63400.
Gerry Rice
Agricultural Structures Division
Frank Rath
RDE Group