Class Representatives - University of Ulster

University of Ulster Students’ Union
What are they?
• Class Reps are official representatives of
students who study on the same course
• Class Reps are the “Go To” person who
represent their course throughout the year
• Class Reps are students who take on that
extra role to improve the student experience
What does a Class Rep do?
• Class Reps are the official representatives of
students who study their same course
• Class Reps enable communication between
the University and the student body by
gathering your opinions
• These Reps will attend SSCC (Staff Student
Consultative Committees) and feedback to
their class
Why should you become a
Class Representative??
• Satisfaction of resolving issues and improving your course
• Becoming involved with Representation through the
Students’ Union
• Developing your personal skills further such as
communicative, problem solving and organisational skills
• Developing your CV and enhancing your employability
• Accredited Module and recognised Class Representative
Certificate Awarded
What support will you receive?
• Students’ Union will provide Class
Representative Training throughout the
Academic Year
• Each campus can liaise with, and have as a
support contact, their Student Union Vice
President Student and Academic Affairs
• Course Directors and School Staff
What happens next?
• Nominate yourself!
• Tell your class why you would be a perfect candidate
for this role
• Have a Class Representative Election for who your
class would like to chose to be their Class Reps
• Return your form to the Students’ Union to get
yourself signed up for training
• Students’ Union will be in touch 
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