Circular 65/01

Circular 65/01
To each RI, AS, DS and RDE Inspector
To all approved REPS Planning Agencies
19 November, 2001.
Rural Environment Protection Scheme (REPS)
The Limitation of the Taking In Of Stock Owned By Others For
Grazing on REPS Farms
Section 8.1(c) of the REPS 2000 document is amended by the addition of the
following sub-paragraphs:
The taking in and grazing of sheep owned by others shall be permitted at any
time during the year, subject at all times to a maximum period of three
consecutive months.
For horsebreeders and stable owners who own a minimum of four livestock
units of horse on average throughout the year and maintain a minimum
stocking rate of one horse livestock unit for every four hectares of grassland in
the REPS plan, the grazing of livestock owned by others shall be permitted for
a maximum period of seven months during the period 1 April to 31 October.
Additionally, on such holdings, the taking in of horses owned by others shall
be permitted throughout the year.
This provision will also apply to farmers involved in the livery business.
If you require any further clarification, please contact Mr. Lorcan O’ Shea,
Agricultural Structures Division, Johnstown Castle Estate, Co. Wexford. Telephone
No. (053) .63400
Gerry Rice
Agricultural Structures
Padraig Whitney
RDE Group.