Demonstration Speech Assignment

Demonstration Speech
Demonstrate a product or process
Must include steps that have to be done in order
Must physically demonstrate parts of the process
Must give the audience enough information that the audience can
duplicate the process
Must use visual aids
o Can use Power Point but must not exclusively use Power Point
Must include handout: recipes, supply list, key steps
o Handouts should not be smaller than an index card. They should
be neat and organized and if they include material that originate
from other sources, they should include a reference
This should be an original speech
and not a recycled one from another speech class.
Outline Clinic
Bring 3 copies of your outline (without name)
Bring 3 copies of your handout
Bring 3 copies of your Power Points
Bring 3 copies of your reference page
Staple these items together
After the outline clinic, make improvements
Speech Requirements
5-7 minutes
A minimum of 5 credible sources.
At least one source should be from a book or periodical
Sources typed, alphabetized in proper APA format.
Cited in speech directly at least 3 times
Typed, full sentence outline in proper format.
Must include: grabber, preview, review, transitions, closure,
research items, full sentences
Bring the rubric (evaluation sheet) with you
A Tip to Remember
People learn better when you involve as many senses as possible
Spaghetti sauce-- cut the ingredients (see) warm the garlic (smell) explain
the process (hearing) hand our sample (taste)
 Practice with your visuals-- sometimes things take longer than you expect.
 Make a list of things to bring the day you speak
 Pre-open and prep items that might be time robbers
 Make sure that everyone can read your visual
 Don’t pass around items during speech that can become distracting.
 If you make food, you must feed the class. Don’t forget plates, forks, etc.
 We learn best when we can “play along”
Most Common Problems:
Poor Eye contact: Be sure you look at the audience most of the time as
opposed to looking at your visuals
Dead space: Make sure that you have something to say in the times when
you are mixing, cutting, and demonstrating. There should not be dead air.
Too Complicated: Make sure that it is simple enough for the audience to
learn in a short period of time. Knitting and Origami can rarely be taught in
7 minutes.
Audience Lag: If the audience is working along with you, they can slow
you down and cause you to go over time
Not Having Supplies Ready: You’ll be surprised how long it takes to
open a can of beans during a speech. Anything with a plastic wrapper
becomes nearly impossible to open when you are nervous
Research: You need to say, according to….. at least three times in your
speech. Be sure your research is on your outline so if I miss it in your
speech, I can check your outline and give you credit.
Citing an Address: Remember, using a web address is unprofessional
and DOES NOT count. It’s the same as quoting, “according to 210 main
street”-- something you would not consider saying but instead would say,
“according to Dr. Johnson, nutritional specialist…”
The Day of Your Speech Bring the Following
Grading rubric
Copy of your outline
Copy of your reference page
All your visuals (double check to make sure you have everything
Power Point (emailed and on thumb drive or CD) (Power Point is optional)
Your confidence, your smile, and your sense of humor