PSYC 110-00___, Section ___, Lab Exercise A

PSYC 110-00___, Section ___, Class Exercise 2
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VIDEO: Discovering Psychology: Understanding Research
Camosun College Library: Call #: BF 121 D572 NO. 2
INSTRUCTIONS. As you watch the video, try to answer the following true-false
questions. Circle the correct answer.
1. An hypothesis is a prediction about how two or more factors are likely to be related.
2. In an experiment, the control group receives the treatment. T / F
3. In medicine, one might use a sugar pill to test for the placebo effect. T / F
4. Even the mere believable suggestion that a treatment will work is sufficient to make
about 50% of sick people feel better. T / F
5. In a double-blind procedure, only the researcher giving out treatment knows which
subject is in which condition. T / F
6. The essence of an experiment is systematic manipulation of one or more factors
while holding constant all the others that might be important. T / F
7. Research shows that children’s grades on achievement tests go down as the
number of hours watching TV goes up; we can conclude that watching TV causes
bad grades . T / F
8. Hite’s controversial report about women’s attitudes toward sex and marriage was
flawed because she randomly sampled respondents from the population. T / F
9. A polygraph is more likely to detect that you are lying if you believe that it is always
accurate than if you believe that it can be deceived. T / F
10. Given enough support, scientific conclusions shift from tentative to absolute. T / F