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Name: _________________
6. (
) A. I think I have a cold.
B. No, it was quite sudden.
C. I just saw the doctor.
7. (
A. I like them all, but I prefer chess.
B. Sure, I would love to play.
C. I wish I could, but I really don’t have time.
8. (
A. Yes, he is always very polite.
B. I wouldn’t exactly call him rich.
C. Yes, he is quite strong and athletic.
9. (
A. It’s too cold to go to the beach today.
B. I’m very good at snow skiing.
C. I like playing volleyball in the sand.
10. (
) A. I lost the address and couldn’t find the house.
B. I didn’t have time to cook anything.
C. I always feel foolish dressing up in silly clothes.
11. (
) A. I know, I could barely hear what he was saying because he spoke
so softly.
B. Yes, he was honest and direct when he said I wasn’t experienced
C. Yeah, he seemed to be hiding something he whole time.
12. (
A. That’s OK. I’m pretty new at this sport too.
B. With all of that experience, I assumed you would be better.
C. I really don’t have time to play at the moment.
13. (
A. I’m not a very confident public speaker.
B. I was never very good at math.
C. It’s important to be effective directing people.
14. (
A. Clowns scare me.
B. I can never figure out how they do those tricks.
C. I hope the food is better than last time.
15. (
A. Good. I hate crossing the street through all that traffic.
B. I left my bicycle on the sidewalk earlier and now it’s gone.
C. I’m not really that familiar with this neighborhood.
16. (
A. a tie.
B. A hat.
C. A uniform
17. (
A. A deer
B. A dog
C. An ox
18. (
A. They are preparing soup for dinner.
B. They are making sandwiches for lunch.
C. They are making toast for breakfast.
19. (
A. They are watching fireworks.
B. They are watching lightening.
C. They are watching a light show.
20. (
A. She is learning how to drive a car.
B. She is learning how to operate a computer.
C. She is learning how to use a new oven.
21. (
A. He is looking in the closet.
B. He is looking in the laundry basket.
C. He is looking in the dresser.
22. (
A. She is suggesting where the man can get a suit.
B. She is encouraging the man to dress better.
C. She is admiring the man’s new suit.
23. (
A. He thinks it’s dishonest to copy someone’s work.
B. He doesn’t like the girl and wants her to leave him alone.
C. He wants to teach the girl a lesson by getting her in trouble.
24. (
A. He prefers to do something uncomplicated and relaxing.
B. He doesn’t want his wife to spend too much money on him.
C. He is not feeling well and needs to rest.
25. (
A. A plane flight. B. A concert
C. A movie