GALLERY WALK ACTIVITY using primary docs

By Anthony Blasini MS 127
Gallery Walk or Carousel activity
Pre- Walk Activity:
Independently write a brief statement about what you KNOW about the Immigrant experience in the
past. Partners share what they wrote. Combine statements and share with their group of 4-5.
Gallery Walk:
Each group has one color post-it pad… that is that group’s “color.”
Before the walk, the Group members designate members of the group that will
write one word that comes to mind when looking at each written document or visual document.
(should be a gut reaction)
write a two to three word phrase about what is shown by the document (what do you see?)
write an aural, olfactory or tactile/emotional description or statement (what do you hear,
what do you smell, what do you feel?)
The object is to leave your group’s color well represented at each station for more points! MORE THAN
5 may be left. Shows full participation and contribution!
The instructor will call out “time” to get ready to move from station to station. When instructor says
“move” Proceed to their next station. After the full circuit has been made around the room and all the
stations, the groups return to their tables.
Post-Walk Activity
A member of each group will go to the documents and read aloud what another group has written.
Each group member then reads a handout of text or caption about each document to the rest of the
group. The group decides to pair the text description or caption with the document to which it
Scotch tape that statement where it belongs.
CULMINATING ACTIVITY—the group co-authors a paragraph about the Immigrant experience as
observed from the primary source documents.