brainstormed by our classes

Political Map
Performance Task
Ms. S. Hines
Culture Fair 2010
The World Political
 Political maps show how people have
divided places on the Earth into countries,
states, cities and other units for the purpose
of governing them.
The World Physical
 Physical maps show what the surface of
the Earth looks like.
Map Review
 What is the purpose of a Political map?
To show borders of countries, states,
Map Review
 What is the purpose of a Physical map?
 Physical maps show what the surface of
the world looks like
Map Performance Task
 You will conduct research on the main
cities, lakes, rivers, mountains, and any
other physical and political characteristics of
the map.
 Each group must find both a physical and
political map with a key.
 Using the information gathered, write a
caption describing the map.
– See the next slide to help you with your caption
When writing your caption/description, think
about the following questions...
1. Compare and contrast your country to the
2. How long does it take (miles and hours)
to get to your country from Washington,
DC? What would be the best method of
transportation to your country?
3. If we were to travel to your country, what
are some places and landmarks that we
must visit?
When you visit Atlanta, you must visit…
(brainstormed by our classes)
 The Varsity
 Fernbank
 Phillips Arena
 Georgia
 Silver Comet  Six Flags/White
 Georgia Dome  Governor’s
 Fox Theatre
 High Museum
 Piedmont Park
 World of Coca-  The Big
 Tellus Museum
 Stone Mountain
 Atlanta Zoo
 King Museum  Marietta Diner
 State Capital