feudal notes

Western Europe during the Middle Ages
After Rome fell in 476, Europe was left with no
__________________or _________________.
Because Europe was constantly threatened by
invaders there was a need for ___________ &
___________________. In the _____ &
______ centuries, Arabs, Magyars, and Vikings
were a problem. The ___________ would
sweep down from Scandinavia, present day
Norway and Denmark.
Feudalism: Establishing Order
The Feudal system provided people with
_____________ by establishing a
Lords and Ladies
The nobility lived on __________. Manor
houses were surrounded by ____________ and
other buildings like stables. They were also
protected by _____________ & ___________.
Castles and manors were visual reminders of
the social hierarchy. The first castles had a
__________, a keep on top of a hill, and a
_____________ where the lower classes
congregated. Though the _____________ &
_____________ had the most privileges, their
life was far from comfortable
___________ __________. In this system
people of different classes were bound to each
other by oaths of loyalty. The oaths were
Knights and Peasants
exchanged for _________ , or tracts of land.
The path to becoming a knight began as a
Lords and Knights established manors- large
________, then as a __________, until finally
estates far from towns and other manors. Thus,
becoming a knight in his ____________ ’s.
the ____________ had to ____________ all of
Knights were expected to be loyal, gallant, and
the things the manor needed. Life on a manor
fair as dictated by the code of __________.
was repetitive and people stayed in their
Peasants lives, on the other hand, revolved
_______ ________ for life.
around __________ as they were the ones who
kept the entire _________ _________ working.
Monarchs During Feudal Times
Monarchs were at the top of the social
hierarchy and were expected to provide
The ___________ _________ arose as a way of
_____________ for their vassals. The idea that
protecting property and people and it was based
god gave them their rule is known as ________
on _________ of __________. Monarchs
exchanged ________ with vassals who
William the Conqueror defeated his cousin at
promised loyalty.
the ________________________. William
then brought Feudalism to ____________.