Visitors` Book Summer 2015

Future Parent
I came to your Stay and Play event today
with my son. A young girl in Year 5 showed
us round to the hall where the event took
place. She was a credit to the school and
made me feel very happy about our choice of
school for my son. She confidently answered
all of my questions and gave me lots of
information about the school from a student
perspective. She was a real asset to you and
has given me confidence in that with your
help my son has the chance to develop into a
bright and confident young man.
The event itself was no disappointment
either, the staff and all the children I met
gave me the same feeling. Thank you for
letting myself and my family be involved in
such a special school over the next number
of years. I am even more confident that
Harborne Primary will give my son the best
education that I could hope for.
A lovely warm atmosphere in class,
playground and staffroom. A pleasure to
work in HPS.