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Thursday 21 June 2012
New Dean of Truro
An announcement from Downing Street has confirmed the appointment of
the Venerable Roger C Bush, Archdeacon of Cornwall, as the new Dean of
Truro. He will be installed later this year at a special service in Truro
Cathedral on 22 September 2012.
Commenting on the news, the Bishop of Truro, the Right Reverend Tim
Thornton, said: “I am very pleased indeed that Roger is to be the Dean of
Truro. We have, of course, worked closely together since I arrived in the
Diocese and Roger is a good colleague who I know will do a very good
“Roger and Lois are no strangers to the Cathedral and I know they will be
welcomed by the whole community. Roger has an important task to
undertake in leading the work of the Cathedral and also in continuing to
fulfil the roles he has across the Diocese, most importantly as Chairman
of the Board of Education.
“I shall keep him in my prayers as he undergoes this transition and I am
looking forward to continuing to develop our relationship. I know the
diocese will find in him a good prayerful, inspirational and creative Dean.”
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These sentiments were echoed by Acting Dean and Canon Precentor,
Perran Gay, who said: “As a Cathedral community, we already owe a
great deal to Roger through his role as a Chapter Canon, and we are
looking forward to welcoming his vision and capacity as a skilful leader.”
Expressing his delight at his appointment, Roger Bush said: “First of all I
need to say what an immense privilege it is to be invited to serve as Dean
of Truro. I have been very fortunate in being involved in the life of the
Cathedral in some way or another for many years, so to have the
opportunity to lead the Cathedral community is a wonderful opportunity
for me, to which I am greatly looking forward.
“I see the Cathedral as being pivotal in furthering Bishop Tim’s aim of
Discovering the Kingdom and Growing the Church; of being one of the
leading witnesses of the Christian Gospel in Cornwall; and of using its
significant symbolic importance as valuing and enhancing Cornish life in
all its forms and varieties.
“The Christian Church is there to serve the whole community, not just to
have regard for itself, and I want to ensure that the Cathedral plays its
part in that life of service across the whole of the Diocese of Truro.
“I am conscious of the hard work and energy that is already being used to
make the Cathedral the great place it is; and I look forward to working
with everyone to build on its solid and broad foundations as we reach out
into the community through the development of Phase 2 of our Inspire
Cornwall project and other initiatives.”
[0612-0247 Cathedral - New Dean - Roger Bush.jpg] & [0612-0249
Cathedral - New Dean - Roger Bush.jpg]
The new Dean of Truro, Roger Bush. [Photo: Paul Richards]
For further information, contact David Watson on 01872 274 351 or and Colin Reid on 01872 245 007 or
The Truro Diocesan Board of Finance is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No 49825. The Board is a Charity (No 248330)
Roger Bush has lived and worked in Cornwall for 18 years – as parish
priest, as residentiary Canon of the Cathedral, and as Archdeacon of
Prior to this, he served as a curate and as a team vicar in Chesterfield and
Leicester respectively.
Roger was brought up the son of a farmer in Norfolk, so the interests of
the farming community are especially dear to his heart.
He is married to Lois, and has two grown-up children, Hannah and Tom.
His interests include reading, classical music and singing ‘strangulated
tenor’ in a choir.
Official Entry in Crockford’s Clerical Directory
BUSH, The Ven Roger Charles. b 56. K Coll Lon BA78 Leeds Univ
BA85. Coll of Resurr Mirfield 83. d 86 p 87. C Newbold w Dunston
Derby 86-90; TV Leic Resurr 90-94; TR Redruth w Lanner and
Treleigh Truro 94-04; RD Carnmarth N 96-03; Hon Can Truro Cathl
03-04; Can Res Truro Cathl from 04; Adn Cornwall from 06.
The Truro Diocesan Board of Finance is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No 49825. The Board is a Charity (No 248330)
Qs & As
1. What does the Dean of Truro do?
The Dean of Truro is a senior priest in the diocese, who shares in the
Bishop’s oversight of the church’s mission. He is head of the Cathedral
community and is its principal dignitary – after the Bishop – presiding
over the Cathedral Chapter and directing the life and work of the
The Dean of Truro represents the Church in public life in the city and
Duchy of Cornwall, in order to grow partnerships with faith and secular
institutions, and to contribute to their intellectual, social and theological
He presides over the College of Canons and other bodies and ensures
sound governance of the Cathedral. He also exercises leadership in the
Cathedral’s liturgy, prayer life, preaching and pastoral care.
The Dean leads the mission and outreach of the Cathedral and, together
with the other members of Chapter, including the chief executive, has
oversight of the Cathedral’s development and the securing of funds for its
long-term future.
2. What is the Cathedral’s role in the Diocese of Truro?
The Cathedral has a strong role as the mother church of the Diocese; and
clergy and lay people travel to it from far and wide. It has a key part to
play in setting the tone for the life of the diocese and helping clergy and
laity gather and to celebrate and experience life in a wider dimension. It
is also accepted as a place for marking key diocesan, county and national
celebrations and occasions.
The past 12 months have seen a strengthening of the relationships
between individual parishes and members of the Cathedral team,
especially on the educational and musical fronts. The new Dean will be
encouraging the extension and formation of these links.
For information about Truro Cathedral, visit
and about the Diocese of Truro,
The Truro Diocesan Board of Finance is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No 49825. The Board is a Charity (No 248330)
3. What progress is being made with the ‘Inspire Cornwall’
An early priority for the new Dean is to engage those involved in the life
of the Cathedral in an early exploration of its vision for its mission and
ministry within Truro and across the communities of Cornwall and how
this might be lived out.
Over recent years there has been a major focus on the ‘Inspire Cornwall’
project – designed “to inspire the community through nature, education,
music and art and heritage”.
The first phase has been completed (restoring the East End and the
towers), and Phase 2 (development of the Old Cathedral School as a
community resource) is beginning to gather momentum.
The new Dean will inevitably be involved in fund-raising for this and also
in working with others to hold it as a part of a wider and embracing
4. The Dean of Truro’s ‘official residence’, The Deanery, was
recently sold. Where will the new Dean be living?
The new Dean will be staying at his present address in Truro, although
the property may be re-named to reflect his new title.
5. Will another Archdeacon of Cornwall be appointed?
Yes. The process will begin straight away.
The Truro Diocesan Board of Finance is a company limited by guarantee. Registered in England No 49825. The Board is a Charity (No 248330)