March 2015 Newsletter

Newsletter March 2015
Issue 7
Easter Service
Rev. Kivett will lead our Easter worship at All Saints Church, Norton Fitzwarren, at 11.00am
on Friday Morning. Celebration assembly will be held at 2.30pm on the same day (Friday
27th March). All parents are welcome!
PTA News
Thank you to the Year 6 children who went out to sell Red Noses in aid of Comic Relief last
week. They were very popular and sold out in record time!
A huge thank you to the PTA Members who worked with the children last week to make
lovely Mother’s day grifts. The children really enjoyed making them and I am sure that all
the Norton Mums and Grandmothers were thrilled to receive them.
This week the PTA have organised an Easter Egg hunt for all of the children on Thursday
afternoon (26th) and, after the Easter holidays, there will be Spring Bingo on 17th April.
Road safety day
We had a great fun last Friday learning about road
safety. We drove around the hall on mobility scooter
cars and looked in the police vehicles; we even had
our fingerprints taken! The aim of the day was to
highlight the importance of Road Safety and every
child received a high vis cap. (Please make sure that
your child has put their name in their cap so that it
doesn’t get lost!) We hope that your child has told
you all about how to stay safe by the road! A huge
thank you to our local PCSO, Tony Wearmouth, who
organised this fantastic day.
Following our road safety day messages, please make sure that you walk the children along
the path and in through the top red gate in the morning rather than through the busy staff car
park. The school gates will be closed all day to ensure safety. Please ensure that if you are
visiting the school during the day that you park in the layby or responsibly on the road.
When entering the school site, please make sure that you close all gates behind you. Thank
Acorns Pre-School
Acorns have been learning all about Castles and Knights. They were very interested to find
out how you would get hot water in an old castle. They found out that cold water had to be
heated up on an open fire to make it hot. They have been making crowns and have been
mixing paint to create their own stained glass windows for their castles. What a lot of fun!
Ash and Holly Classes
Ash and Holly class have also been busy learning about Knights and Castles. They have
enjoyed turning their role play areas into a castle. Mrs Tancock and Mrs Lewis would like to
thank all of the parents for helping the children to complete their homework projects. They
have shared them across the two classes and they are really looking forward to celebrating
their learning with a ‘Knights and Castles’ morning on Thursday.
Pine and Hazel Classes
The children in Pine and Hazel classes had a wow morning to introduce their Ready Steady
Grow topic and their learning about The Enormous Turnip. The children had a fantastic fun
filled time planting radishes, turnips, onions and carrots in the garden area and making turnip
soup. They also printed with different vegetables and made some characters pulling the
turnip like the ones in the story of The Enormous Turnip. The children especially enjoyed
getting stuck in and preparing the flower beds for sowing just like the farmer in the story. The
children in Pine class have also been learning to be good scientists; creating, predicting and
evaluating the results of our growing experiments.
Maple Class
Year 3 recently attended an athletics festival at Wellsprings Leisure Centre. The children
were a credit to the school and impressed everyone with their good sportsmanship.
Sycamore Class
Sycamore class attended a fantastic morning at St. Andrew’s Church today. The children
learnt all about the Easter story by watching a series of dramatic scenes. As well as being
immersed in the story, they also had an opportunity to decorate a candle holder and were
given a number of mementos to keep to remind them of the day. The children and adults
had a fantastic time and were a credit to the school.
Dates for the diary;
Friday 27th March- Easter service 11.00am, Celebration Assembly 2.30pm, Last day
of term.
Monday 13th April- School starts again!
Friday 17th April- PTA Spring Bingo
Monday 20th April- INSET DAY
Active Norton
Our children continue to achieve a great deal in their extra-curricular learning.
Ash Class: Harmony-Rose Goetz has achieved her Grade 2 Duckling Award in Swimming.
Hazel Class: Georgia Cox has achieved her Stage 3 Swimming award and Isabelle Glynn
starred in the pantomime ‘Mother Goose’ as a member of the chorus.
Maple Class: Isobel Wood has moved up to Stage 7 in her Swimming lessons, Leah
Goodman has moved up to her Stage 8 and Kian Furzer-Smith has also move up a
Swimming group. Dexter Penny received a trophy for the being ‘the most committed player’
in Rugby.
Sycamore Class: Rean Douglas has set up his own YouTube page, ‘Annoying Gamer’,
where he shares his passion for Lego Mixels with the world. One of his recent videos has
already had 33 hits. Why not have a look…? Emily Jones and Courtney Reece both
entered this year’s 500 Word Challenge on Radio 2 and have received certificates for their
participation. Kayleigh Wilson has achieved her ‘Around the World’ Badge at Brownies and
Kira Prentice has completed her Bikeability training at Wellsprings Sports Centre.
What a super list of achievements! Well done to each and every one of these children.
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