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Why do we study the
Mr. McEntarfer * HSLPS
To learn about our heritage
To Understand the Present
Learning about the past can give us clues
to the future. This helps us make
informed decisions in the present.
Can you tell the future?
– Emotions
– Reactions
– Events
– The Weather
– Ease or Difficulty
– Ability
By looking at past civilizations that
collapsed we can get a better idea on
how to prevent it here
What Happened to Easter
Island Civilization?
How can we prevent what
happened on Easter from
happening here?
• Safe guard our environment
• Find peaceful solutions to problems
• Communicate
Discuss the following quotes
• “The farther back you look, the farther
forward you are likely to see.” - Churchill
• “He who is ignorant of the past repeats the
mistakes of the past.” - Santayana
• “History is the version of the past events
that people have decided to agree upon” Napoleon