Dear Mr & Mrs Jones - St Anne`s RC High School

31st March 2015
Dear Parent / Carer
I am writing to wish you a Happy and Holy Easter and thank you for your immense support
over the past term. School has been such a busy place and so much has been achieved.
Our unrelenting focus on achievement continues and our expectations as ever are very
high. Please check your children’s exercise books to note the progress they are making
and the feedback that they receive from their teachers.
Years 10 and 11 are particularly under the spotlight as both years have GCSE exams coming
up in the next term. The examination timetable is on our website and each student has
their own personal timetable.
This year, as always, we will be running our Easter School. Students in years 10 & 11
have been invited to attend a certain number of bespoke revision sessions. The general
timetable for these sessions is also on our website.
For the past six weeks, during the period of Lent, we have been having our weekly Lenten
collection for Cafod and Caritas. Our children are always very generous and we are very
grateful for this.
We return after Easter to a very busy final term for all year groups. So I hope that everyone
has a good rest and returns ready to work hard and focus on achieving the very highest of
I would again like to thank you for your support. I particularly value the input of the
Parents Forum Group who have now met three times this year. The next meeting of this
group will take place on Wednesday 29th April 2015. All parents are welcome to attend.
Yours sincerely
Mrs J Meredith