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TOPICS: The only restriction you have for choosing your topic(s) is that the topics must be related in some definable way to one of the topic umbrellas listed in Part 2 “Anthology of Readings” section of your Behrens and Rosen textbook. PURPOSE: There are several reasons for doing this assignment. The background research and planning you do to prepare for this checkpoint makes your actual research project easier to deal with as you move through the project. You must know where you are going before you can begin this journey. Failure to make that distinction can result in a lot of wasted effort for you as a researcher and writer. Checkpoint #1 should include information about the nature and scope of the topic as well as any historical information which explains the reason(s) for the controversy surrounding the topic. Identify any possible ways of dividing the issues surrounding the topic and any people who are important in discussing the topic. The purpose of the checkpoint, in short, is to insure that each student has chosen his/her topic for the research paper because he/she knows something about the topic -- not just because it was time to announce a topic out of desperation in class! 1. What is your topic? 2. What will be the focus of your paper? In other words, explain specifically how you are narrowing your topic. 3. What is your preliminary or working thesis sentence? It is possible that it is only in the form of a question right now though that question must be answered and presented in statement form by the time you write your rough draft. 4. Why have you chosen your topic? 5. What topic umbrella from the Behrens and Rosen textbook does your topic fit under?

6. If some problems with your chosen topic were to occur, what is your alternate topic? (Be specific in naming the alternate topic.) 7. Just in the normal course of doing the research project, what problems do you anticipate and how will you deal with them? 8. What preliminary or background reading have you already done in the course of choosing the topic? Be specific in naming at least five (5) sources you have found already. 9. Do any sources require you to go beyond the ECC Renner Learning Resource Center (RLRC)? How do you know that? Have you already examined and determined definitively what our library has available on your topic? You must use the RLRC first before going beyond to another resource. What other library(ies) and/or resources will you use? FINAL BIT OF ADVICE: Doing adequate preparation for CHECKPOINT #1 takes time and some effort. You must plan to visit the ECC RLRC in order to complete the information gathering for the report. Please plan your personal schedule accordingly. I can promise you that it will be time well-spent because it will make your job in doing the rest of the project much easier! Good Luck!