SCIENCE Chapter 1 Study Guide

Ms. Braunstein
4th Grade Science
Chapter 1 Study Guide
This is the review sheet for Chapter 1 of our science book. The text book is accessed through our class
webpage. All answers can be found within each specific lesson. This is everything we will need for our
Lesson 1 Checkpoint
1. Why are cells considered the building blocks of living things?
2. Describe the difference between a cell, a tissue, and an organ.
3. Can a single-celled organism contain tissue? Explain.
4. Compare and Contrast Make a graphic organizer to compare and contrast animal and plant cells.
Lesson 2 Checkpoint
1. Why is a classification system important to scientists?
2. What are some of the characteristics scientists use to classify organisms?
3. In which kingdoms would you expect to find living things that can make their own food?
Lesson 3 Checkpoint
1. What are some examples of vascular plants?
2. What are conifers?
3. Name one way of classifying plants into two groups.
4. Compare and Contrast How are seeds and spores alike? How are they different?
Lesson 4 Checkpoint
1. What are the five divisions of vertebrates?
2. What happens to a Burmese python egg after the mother has kept it warm for six to eight weeks?
3. Name some animals that are classified as arthropods.
4. Are there more vertebrates or invertebrates on Earth?
5. Name the largest group of invertebrates.
6. Compare and Contrast the life cycles of Burmese pythons and brown garden snails
Lesson 5 Checkpoint
1. What is an adaptation?
2. Name some adaptations that animals use to avoid predators.
3. How do the instincts of migration and hibernation help animals to survive?
4. Explain the difference between instinct and learned behavior.
5. How do the adaptation of body color and patterns help the Mandarin fish survive?