Group Member Instruction Form (DOC)

Group Member Job Description
Congratulations on joining the world of people who get things done! As a group member you will have the
opportunity to develop your leadership skills in a collaborative support environment. You will have the
opportunity to join that rare breed of person who does what they say they will do, on time, on budget
without excuses.
As a group member, your team will be relying on you. It is up to you and you alone to get done the jobs you
choose. Our project will be vastly more successful when we all work together to get it done. We are not
forcing you to be a leader, but once you have given your word, we are expecting you to have the integrity to
stick to it.
Simply explained, you will be asked to help think through what will make our event successful, sign up for
activities you want to complete or are willing to complete to help the group be successful. If there are tasks
that are required and no one is willing to do them, our event will not get very far. With that in mind, think
about what you are truly here for and willing to commit to before signing yourself up for something.
The Job and Its Responsibilities
Work with your Team Leader to complete the 10 checkpoints of planning and executing your event.
Be prepared to hand in your personal Event Planning Sheets at the end of the event.
After your committee has completed the Event Overview (Checkpoint 2) and the Task Checklist
(Checkpoint 4) make a note of all the tasks you are responsible for.
Type your personal Event Planning Sheet (a template is on our website), organize it according to
the Check Date, and email it to your team leader within 24 hours. Put a copy of this form in your
Leadership Notebook!
On each Check Date, look for your Team Leader to give a status update on your task. Your Team
Leader will ask you if it is completed. Remember that you need only answer YES or NO. Excuses in
this case are incidental. If your task is not yet complete, your Team Leader will ask you for a new
Check Date. Think about the circumstances carefully, discuss with your Team Leader and commit to
a new date.
Celebrate the successes of your fellow team members as they complete their tasks!
**Your grade as a Group Member is based on how much you successfully take on and on your
successful completion of these tasks. **