Notes: Wind PowerPoint

Notes: Wind
Name ________________
I. Air moves from areas of ______________ pressure to areas of ____________pressure.
• This movement of the air is the ________________.
II. Differences in air pressure are caused by __________________________________ of Earth’s
surface by the sun.
• Therefore, the sun and solar energy is the ultimate cause of the wind.
III. Wind speed is measured using an _____________________. The faster it spins, the faster the wind.
Wind direction is measured with a _______________________.
IV. Local Winds
A. The land heats and cools _______________than the sea.
Water retains heat ________________ than land. Water takes longer to heat and cool.
B. This causes temperature differences between the land and the sea, which leads to a thermal
circulation (or wind _________________________________________________________.)
1. Sea Breeze-
- During the ___________, the land
heats up _____________, the hot air
________________, creating an area of
Wind blows
__________________________ to the
2. Land Breeze-
•At ____________, the ___________
cools off ____________ than the sea.
Cooler air ________________ creating
an area of _________________ pressure.
Wind blows
This is a land breeze.
IV. Global Winds
The uneven heating of the surface of Earth causes differences in _______________ in the air,
which results in ______________________________ in our atmosphere.
B. As the warm, moist air rises, it creates a zone of low pressure,
clouds, and precipitation along the ______________________.
As that warm air rises, it eventually reaches the
________________________ and can rise no higher. It spreads
outwards towards the poles.
C. As it spreads, it cools and sinks back down to the surface at
about ________° north & south of the equator. This sinking air
produces areas of ___________________________ with drier
Some of this air, as it sinks, moves back towards the equator. This air flowing back towards the
equator produces what is known as the _____________________________.
The area near the equator where these winds die out is referred to as the ____________________.
Winds traveling along the surface of Earth from ____________° north & south of the equator are
called ____________________________. They flow from the west to the east because the original
northward wind becomes curved due to the ___________________________.
The air currents moving along the surface of Earth from the ____________________ north & south of
the equator, flow from east to west and are referred to as the _____________________________.
Label the winds below:
Coriolis Effect
Because of the_____________ ___________, any
freely moving object or fluid will appear to:
 Turn to the ____________of its direction of
motion in the _______________ Hemisphere
 Turn to the ___________ of its direction of
motion in the _______________ Hemisphere.
 This is what causes the Westerlies to curve
and flow from the WEST to EAST.
Otherwise the wind would flow directly south to north.
This causes winds to travel _____________________around _________ pressure systems in the
Northern Hemisphere, and _____________________________in the Southern Hemisphere.
__________ pressure winds travel in the opposite direction (________________________ in the
Northern Hemisphere and ____________________ in the Southern Hemisphere).