Vocabulary: Week # 15 11-30 to 12-4

Week # 15
11-30 to 12-4
1. convection – the transfer of energy through the movement of liquid or gasses – the oceans
and atmosphere move thermal energy around the earth and this influences our weather and
2. radiation – the transfer of heat by electromagnetic waves (sun or fire)
3. conduction – the transfer of energy among things that are touching. Think of a conductor
in music with his baton (stick). Thermal energy can be conducted through the handle of a
metal pot.
Review Words:
1. High Pressure basically a very fair day, sunny skies, little to no clouds.
2. Low Pressure a cloudy day; not very nice weather.
3. Hemisphere divides the earth from the north of the equator and south of the equator.
We live in the Northern Hemisphere. Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere. The
weather is OPPOSITE in the southern hemisphere than here. For example, in December
here in NC it is cold and snowy, but in Australia in December it is sunny and they are
having summer time. Another example: In August here in NC it is hot and sunny, and
we are still in summer. In Australia in August, it is cold and they are still in winter.
4. Latitude is the distance North or South of the equator. The latitude will determine how
Hot or Cold it is in your region –how close to the equator you are…..or how far away
from the equator you are.