The text below is for applicants from mainland China, Hong Kong

IMPORTANT – We have made some changes to the application process. Please
read carefully
The text below is for applicants from mainland China, Hong Kong and Macao to
read. If you are from the UK, please read the other version.
Research into the needs of Chinese organisations embarking on projects with UK
partners and vice versa demonstrated a desire for access to funding in order to
further the face-to-face discussions needed to develop projects beyond initial
expressions of interest. To answer this need we are offering a number of small
development grants.
Who is eligible to apply?
Any non-profit Chinese cultural organisation which is in the process of developing an
arts project with a counterpart in the UK which will result in an exhibition,
performance or public event. We expect discussions with the partner to have moved
beyond preliminary expressions of interest and the initial research stage.
These grants are targeted at organisations rather than individual artists but artist
collectives and support organisations may apply.
Who is not eligible
Connections through Culture aims to develop institutional links and therefore
individual artists are not eligible to apply for a development grant.
Funding bodies and for-profit companies are also ineligible.
Connections through Culture does not support academic links.
What is the development grant for?
The grant will enable one member of staff from your organisation to visit counterparts
in the UK for one or more of the following reasons:
Face-to-face project development with your UK partner organisation(s),
e.g. contractual negotiations
Seeing and evaluating the work of your UK partner organisation(s)
Developing staff skills needed to realise your project through shadowing
counterparts in your UK partner organisation(s)
Please note you will need to make your own travel, visa and insurance arrangements.
What is it not for?
The grant is for project development and cannot be used for overhead cost, general
running costs, professional fees or production costs such as the purchase or hire of
materials, equipment, venues, goods and/or services.
Can my organisation apply for more than one grant?
How much is the grant?
How will my application be assessed?
Applications for development grants will be evaluated by the Connections through
Culture executive committee in consultation with your UK partner organisation(s) on
the basis of:
Evidence of a resulting exhibition, performance or public event
Evidence of developed project discussions
Evidence of sound UK partner
Long-term sustainability of relationship
Usefulness of the grant to further development of project
Feasibility of the final project including its likely long-term impact on the
organisations involved
Priority will be given to:
Organisations who have taken part in a recent Connections through Culture
study-tour or networking event in the UK
New partnerships
Organisations which have not previously received a development grant
New projects which have not previously benefited from a development grant
Please note that successful applicants will be required to share feedback on their
How to apply?
Download the application form and email it along with a project budget (refer to the
application form for detail) to [email protected]