Unit G620

Unit G620
Science at Work
Statement from specification:
Candidates will produce a research portfolio related
to information on organisations that use science.
Candidates’ evidence will include:
• records of candidate’s survey of four sciencebased organisations with an in-depth study of one
of them and information on health and safety
• information showing an understanding of the
impact on society of the candidate’s one chosen
What do Scientists do?
Task 1
In a group (2 or 3):
On a sheet of A3 paper, make a list of five organisations or
businesses that would involve the use of Science.
For each one, write a clear statement of what the business
or organisation does, and where science may be used as
part of the work.
Lay it out like this:
What it does
Supplies a wide range of
building materials to
building firms and the
How Science is involved
Staff need a knowledge of
different materials and how they
behave. Specialist staff may need
a detailed knowledge of
construction and how various
types of material can be used
together in constructing buildings.
Now look at the exemplars from last year.
The student is supposed to include the following:
• A detailed description of the product or service
• A detailed description of the work that is carried out.
• What Science might be involved in the work
• What legal or health and safety issues might be
How well do you think they have covered the above
Now you can begin your research for
your first assignment
• Choose one organisation – try to pick
something you have some interest in or some
connection with.
• Begin carrying out some research – keep a log
of every website you use and what
information came from them.