Afghanistan – Takhar Province
Humanitarian Operational Coordination Team (OCT) Meeting
Taloqan on 15 December 2014
Draft Minutes
ACTED Taloqan
Agenda item
Welcome &
situation updates
Health and
Nutrition, Food
Security and
Key points discussed
OCHA warmly welcomed participants and participants introduced themselves.
Concern Worldwide: As OCT members were updated in last meetings, CWW regular
activities are in WASH, education, shelter and food security/agriculture fields. In food
security and agriculture work is done in two districts such as: Chall and NamakaAb.
Concern's WASH activities are in Rostaq, Chahab, Chall and Namakab district. Concern
implements a shelter project in Dasht-e-Qala and Eshkamesh district.
WFP: In 2014, WFP has totally distributed 6504 MT under its different programs in
Takhar province as follows: WFP has distributed 194 MT foods for natural disaster
affected population; 90 MT foods for conflict IDPs and returnees; 1170 MT food
distributed for economically stressed for urban population; 1821 MT food distributed for
economically stressed for rural population; for targeted SFP MOM children 6-59 month 44
MT food distributed; 1299 MT food distributed for targeted SFP acutely malnourished
PLW; for school feeding take home ration 1-6 grade for boys and girls 356 MT food
distributed; for school feeding take home ration 7-9 grade 31 MT food distributed; 154 MT
food distributed for vocational training; under the asset creation food there are distributed
Decision/action point (s)
1344 MT food.
GIZ: GIZ regional coordination is supporting the interface-management between all GIZ
programs in Takhar province, by arrangement of regular exchanges as well receiving the
information and suggestion from GIZ programs on behalf of the GIZ RC Takhar and
following up its implementation and feedback. GIZ programs: GIZ-RCDF( Regional
Capacity Development Fund): School projects: Jaliar village of Bangi district, Khurmab
village of Farkhar district. Protection wall in Shingrabi village of Bangi district (completed).
Road rehabilitation for Mirha and Afghan Qishlaq villages of Bangi district (completed).
Maternity unite in Bangi and Farkhar district emergency center(completed). Boundary
wall project for Ghulam Sarwar high school in Baharak district (completed). Construction
of 2 km side ditche of Bolalk Urta Buz road in Taloqan center (ongoing). Construction of
Women Training Center (WTC) in Aikhanuma park, Taloqan city (ongoing).
IOM: IOM team actively participated in all assessments, IOM conducted a technical
survey for construction of a projection wall in Farkhar district, the survey result was sent
to Kabul, probably the protection walls will be constructed, IOM has 860 NFI kits
available in its Takhar stock and is in the process of purchasing NFI materials in Kabul.
DACAAR: DACAAR projects are about to end in Takhar provincial level for 2014, the
2015 projects plan was sent to its Kabul office and is under review.
ACTED: Cash for fuel project which is funded by CHF. Through this project ACTED will
distribute fuel cost for cat. A families who have been identified by humanitarian team in
Takhar province and have not received shelter. OCHA has updated the team by recent
finding of OCHA, ACTED and ANDMA meeting. Totally there have been identified 414
families of Cat. A who didn’t / don’t receive shelters who are the cash for fuel project
beneficiaries in Takhar province. The details are as follows: 1. Taloqan city – 222
families; 2. Eshkamesh district – 47 families; 3. Darqad district – 81 families; 4.
Kalafgan district – 28 families; 5. Farkhar district – 11 families; 7. Chal district – 19
families; 8. Chaab district – 6 families. Total – 414 families.
AKDN: Actively participates in joint assessments in Taloqan city and its working areas.
Provides hygiene education in 5 districts of Takhar province, 40 villages in each districts
such as Warsaj, Baharak, Dasht-e-Qala, Rostaq and Kalafgan.
projects updates
by NRC and
IDP policy
Concern Worldwide: CWW constructs 165 shelters for Eshkamesh district flood affected
families and 127 shelters for Khawja-Khairab landslide affected families in Dash-e-Qala
district of Takhar province. The shelter constructions are about completion and will be
handed over to beneficiaries in the comings weeks. The WASH gaps have been
addressed by DACAAR and CWW, but the IDP families do not have full access to health
and education facilities. According to OCT team distance from IDP camps to health
clinics and schools are more than five km.
NRC: NRC has constructed 48 shelters for returnees. The shelters were handed over to
beneficiaries. NRC is constructing a total of 60 shelters for Taloqan city flood affected
families: 27 shelters in Ahangaran village, 4 shelters in Mughulha village, 5 shelters in
Kalafganiha village, 11 shelters in Baba Zarif village, and 13 shelters in Poli Qaq village
of Taloqan city. The beneficiaries received disaster risk reduction and hygiene training,
latrines were constructed and about 50 families have been accommodated in their
OCHA updated on the National IDP policy task force’s work, conveyed the key message
on policy implementation at the national level and 2014 implementation at the provincial
level and plans for 2015. The update IDP policy is attached. Key points: Funding IDP is
integrated into the annual budget of the line ministers+ individual UN/NGO of budget
contributions. Ensuring an all of government to IDP and aligning UN and civil society
response with governmental response. Development of the provincial action plans is area
based not group based and is keeping with the governmental budget item in line. Policy
covers the entire range of displacement so requires enjoyment of both humanitarian and
development sectors. Delimitation of the policy will enable a common understanding and
language around IDPs. Issues of Refugee Returnees are similar to IDPs.
Follow up on the gap
with related clusters:
IDPs do not have full
access to health and
education in Dash-eQala and Eshkamesh
The IDP policy was
already shared with
humanitarian partners.
Once again, OCHA will
circulate the updated
policy together with
OCT minutes.
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