SUCCEED Checklist

SUCCEED Checklist
Start with a smart question/thesis: _________________________
Use a variety of resources: What do you plan to use?
 Print (books or online databases like JStor or Gale InfoTrac)
 ___________________________________________________
 Human (oral histories or interviews)
 Electronic (websites that have verifiable, reliable information)
 ___________________________________________________
Conduct relevant research: Does the information you’ve
found answer your question? Do you need to revise your
question or find other resources? ____________
Compile relevant information from three distinct sources.
Are the authors of the information using different resources
or arriving at similar conclusions using sound practices or
data? ______
 Resource 1 source:_________________________________
 Resource 2 source:_________________________________
 Resource 3 source:_________________________________
 Resource 4 source:_________________________________
Evaluate your work so far: Are you meeting the goals of the
assignment? _________________
Ethical use: Have you cited all your sources correctly using
MLA format? Check out if you have
questions about the format for a particular source.
 Resource 1 type/location:__________________________
 Resource 2 type/ location:__________________________
 Resource 3 type/ location:__________________________
 Resource 4 type/ location:__________________________
Did you answer your question? Did you go back through
the steps to be sure you supported your conclusion with
sound research and created a clear presentation?______
adapted by Orell 2007