InfoTrac Student Factsheet

InfoTrac® Student Edition
First-rate resources for secondary school students
Secondary school raises the bar
on classwork and homework –
and now your students can rise
to the challenge with InfoTrac
Student Edition. This online
database is an ideal alternative
to Web surfing, because InfoTrac
Student Edition offers screened,
age-appropriate and reliable
content from the magazines,
newspapers and reference books
that librarians prefer, curriculum
demands and students enjoy.
From science, history and literature to politics, sports and the
environment, InfoTrac Student
Edition delivers results. And with
remote unlimited access, students
can get those results from school,
library or home.
Screened, age-appropriate content from the
most reliable sources
A window to the world
A powerful engine
InfoTrac Student Edition is designed to handle student requests
and delivers results for both wide-ranging and narrowly
targeted searches. Logical search paths and context-sensitive
help screens assure students that the information they retrieve
is information they can use, making InfoTrac Student Edition
— the ideal alternative to the random and often
inaccurate results that can come from Web surfing.
InfoTrac Student Edition’s state-of-the-art features are powered by InfoTrac’s®, robust search engine. Its intuitive interface
allows users to access a variety of searches without the learning curve necessary when searching multiple electronic sources.
And results are returned by document type, allowing students
to focus on the information presented unlike typical Webgenerated hit lists.
Comprehensive coverage
Especially for educators
Offer your students full-text content from 15 reference
books, including:
An InfoMark icon on your results page means you can bookmark the page for future reference, copy it into an e-mail
message or embed it into a Web page. Because you can bookmark at the “search” level, a particular search can be updated
daily — ideal for researching current events. InfoMarks are
also useful for creating reading lists, course reserves, links to
periodical or newspaper sources, lesson plans and much more.
Asimov’s Chronology of Science & Discovery
The Columbia Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia of American Facts and Dates
Merriam-Webster’s® Biographical Dictionary
The Reader’s Companion to American History
World Almanac and Book of Facts
And much more
Try it free
InfoTrac Student Edition is available for a free trial.
In the U.S. and Canada: 1-800-877-GALE or visit
n Plus …
More than 1,236 indexed and 1,108 full-text titles
ore than 3 million articles from periodicals that are
updated daily
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undreds of maps to complement papers, projects and
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n n
What will students find?
S ubject, Keyword and Advanced Searches to broaden or
narrow results
imited searches to newspapers, magazines, encyclopedias,
maps and more
Three Merriam-Webster’s® dictionaries for fast look-ups
A homework-helping Toolbox
And more
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