Basic Animal and Plant Cell structure

Basic Animal and Plant Cell structure
A. Animal Cell Structure: Click on the following site:
Read the site and complete the following:
(You only need to know these basic parts)
The similar parts of a cell that do similar jobs
are called o______________.
___________ - This is the control centre of the cell.
It contains all the information the cell needs to
do such as to g_________ and to d_____. In the
nucleus are D_________ m____________ which
stores information. The n_________________
m_________ is a thin layer of skin that keeps the
DNA separated from the rest of the organelles in
the cytoplasm.
__________________ - are “power plants” of the cell as it makes the cell’s energy.
_________________________________ - contains a series of membranes that contains enzymes that make,
sort and package proteins and lipids.
________________________________ - the transportation system of the cell which is made up of many
interconnected tubes that carry p_____________ and l________ to the other organelles.
B. Basic Plant Cell Structure
Click on the following site: Click on the “Plant
Cell” button.
1. Label the parts of the plant cell shown below: mitochondrion, vacuole, chloroplast, nucleus,
ribosome, cell wall, cell membrane, golgi complex
2. Compare the plant cell and the animal cell structures above and answer the following:
Animal Cell
Plant cell
Does it have a cell wall?
Does it have a nucleus?
Chloroplast contains the green
pigment, chlorophyll, to make food.
Does this cell have chlorophyll
Does this cell have large vacuoles?
Does it have mitochondria?