1. Which of the following is a major difference between plant and animals cells?
A. Animal cells have a cell membrane and plant cells do not.
B. Only animal cells have a nucleus.
C. Animal cells have much larger vacuoles than plant cells.
D. Plant cells have a cell wall and animal cells do not.
2. A cell can be seen by looking through a microscope. Seeing which of these
organelles would
let you know that you are looking at a plant cell?
C. cell membrane
D. nucleus
3. Which organelle is found in both plant and animal cells and allows only
certain things to pass
in and out of a cell?
A.cell wall
C. cell membrane
D. chloroplast
4. The plant cell has organelles that the animal cell does not. They are:
A. cell wall, large vacuole, and chloroplasts
B. Cell membrane, cytoplasm, and cell wall
C. mitochondria, ribosomes, and nucleus
D. nucleus and chloroplasts
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