G P B PROJECT SERVICES - Property Surveyor in France

Chartered Building Consultancy - Siret No. 48357693000026
Pre-purchase Surveys - Renovation Cost Estimates - Accompanied Inspections
Gordon P. Barnes MRICS FCIOB
Chartered Surveyor
Fraysse Haut
24500 EYMET
Tel: 0033(0)5 53 24 28 13
French Mobile : 0630 626 007
Email: [email protected]
Web site: www.france-property-surveys.com
Access arrangements for the survey can be through the agents or directly with the
owners. If for any reason any parts of the property are not made available this will be
stated within the report. Subsequent visits to the property may require an additional fee.
In addition to the main house any additional structures requiring to be surveyed such as
gîtes, annexes, barns or other structures should be specifically stated in your request for
a survey. In the absence of specific instructions to include the inspection of other
structures within the agreed fee it will be assumed that only the main house is to be
Following a detailed inspection, the report covers the following areas where applicable:
 Structural Movement
 Apparent Defects in Exposed Timbers
 Rising and Penetrating Damp
 Insulation
 Internal Roof Structure (if visible by safe access from within the roof void)
 External Roof Covering ( see notes below)
 Chimneys & Fireplaces
 Rainwater Fittings
 Main Walls
 Floors
 Ceilings
 Joinery
 Electricity
 Gas/Oil storage & supply facilities
 Water Supply
 Heating & Plumbing
 Drainage System
 Swimming Pool (see notes below)
 Maintenance Considerations
 Advice on the compulsory Diagnostic checks carried out by the vendor (these
may not be made available to you at the time of the survey but can be
commented upon later within the quoted survey fee)
 It is assumed access will be made available to all areas of the property requiring
inspection. Floorboards will not be lifted or access panels removed without the
prior consent of the owner. The inspection will be conducted at floor level or
such points of access which can be safely reached by a 3 metre ladder.
Internal finishes will not be removed to examine what may be concealed behind
wall and ceiling finishes unless prior written approval has been obtained from
the vendor.
Large Furniture, Carpets and Household Appliances are not moved.
External Roof surfaces are inspected from ground level and from other safe
vantage points elsewhere within the property if available. Due to the height of
the property and/or proximity of adjacent structures not all roof surfaces may
be visible.
The services will be checked visually and their operation checked wherever
possible. Inspection and reporting of the services may be limited when
properties are left unoccupied with water/electricity and heating systems
disconnected and when heating systems may not be operational due to the
weather at the time of the inspection. Further tests will be recommended if
deficiencies in the services are suspected.
Inspection of Swimming pools may be limited if the pool is not fully operational
at the time of the survey.
The Survey Report will conclude with a Summary of the overall condition of the
property, summarising any defects and shortcomings which are likely to adversely affect
the use of the property or give rise to future expenditure.
An information sheet “Guidance Notes for French Property Purchase” can be provided
free of charge with each Survey Report if required, for clients who may be unfamiliar
with French property purchase.
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