Building Consistency Meeting


Building Consistency Meeting


Date: 12/6/2006 Recorder and minutes prepared by: Danny Wooten/Jeff Griffin

Staff present

: Steve Kellen, Jeff Griffin, Danny Wooten, David Morton, Randy

Newman, David Ries, Rob Ellis, Ron Dishman, George Rogers, Eric Brown, Mark Wyte,

Steve Pearson, Mort Robins.

Public present

: Kent Bublitz (

Royce Homes

), Wayne Carter (



), Hans Kasak (


), Harold Ingram (


), Bob McKee (



), Jim Brodnik (

Mattamy Homes

), Cory Cronin (

CP Morgan

), Frank Burke


Kempf & Assoc)

, Shawn Polakiewicz

(Saussey Burbank),

Jason Broome



, Aaron Ringel/Jeff Dotson

(Eastwood Homes),

Paul Boucher

(John Wieland


, Steve Brusko/Adam Danneman

(McCar Homes),

Warren Lamber/Scott


(D.R. Horton).

Topics/Subject Decisions/Conclusions/Actions





NCDOI website

LVL dropped header design

Plans on jobsites

The Department of Insurance

has added a feature to their website for individuals to enter contact information to receive newsletters on Code hearing, changes and interpretations they issue. Inspectors and builders were encouraged to sign up to receive these informational newsletters.

Please go to

and then go to engineering home page you will see a box at this main screen to sign in.

WIJMA (wood I joists manufactures Association)

has come out with a new guideline publication for installation of beams and their maximum spans. The major area this will effect is at double garage door openings so that beam has proper lateral support in those applications.

These guidelines will be followed when conducting a framing inspection (see information attached).

It is important that

all plans (blueprints/truss drawings/TJI layouts,

LVL beam spec sheets, etc..)

are on site when an inspection is requested. This will allow for a complete and accurate inspection upon arrival. Inspectors are asked to look for the plans first and if not available to not attempt to do the inspection until plans can be provided on site. Full set of all plans should be on site at every inspection except not required at the final. If this is a plan review house the original red stamp plans are required on customs and master plans can be copied

County approved set.

Fiber cement siding materials

After market laminate glass application

House wrap is required behind this type of siding and also will be printed in the 2006 Code. Flashing in contact with this type of siding material cannot be aluminum per section


and mfg installation instruction must be followed. Of recent major concern is maintaining the clearance required by siding mfg for siding to roof line application like at dormers or lower roof lines which require

a minimum 2” clearance from siding to shingles, also require 2” clearance from decks and walkways

(see attached information sheet).

Question has been asked if field coating can be applied as a repair for tempered glass not being installed at a hazard location. A field applied coating/film will not be allowed to replace the tempered glass requirement as a fix and glazing should be changed out to an approved material.

Shed roof attachment requirements

Question was asked about how to attach a

shed roof

to house like an addition attached to existing structure. The Code doesn’t give a nailing or anchor attachment for a ledger type board nor does it stipulate if hangers are required on the rafters to this ledger board. Issue was tabled for further discussion and will be taken to the Residential Ad Hoc committee to see if something could be added to the code to give a prescriptive allowance or if an interpretation should be issued. Best application is to follow the bolting and nailing for Deck band attachment and to hanger rafters to the ledger board since often collar ties and or rafter ties are not used.

Bay and barrel roof decking

Plywood material used for roof decking must be of an approved material

, the use of underlayment is not approved for these application like ¼” lauan underlayment. APA publishes guidelines for bending plywood for this application but roof decking used must be approved for that end use.

Next meeting is on January 3rd, 2007 and will in the Ed Woods meeting room 1 st

floor of the

Hal Marshall building at 8:00am. The Department will be closed in observance of the

Christmas Holiday on Monday & Tuesday December 25 th

& 26 th

and Monday January 1 st for New Years.