Cat Vaccinations

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Vaccinating Your Cat
Having your pet vaccinated provides protection against life threatening diseases
that can otherwise prove fatal. Ensuring your cat completes an initial course of
vaccinations and then receives regular boosters will help keep your cat fit and
Your cat will be given a thorough examination and health check.
Cats usually receive their first vaccination from 9 weeks of age and a second
vaccination at 12 weeks. Vaccinations are tailored to the individual, please
contact a Vet for advice.
Diseases covered:
Feline Panleucopenia (Enteritis) – Serious and often fatal disease that
can cause sudden death in kittens or in older cats severe haemorrhagic
vomiting and diarrhoea. It is spread through faeces or vomit surviving in
the environment for up to 6 months.
Feline Influenza Syndrome (Cat Flu) – A virus caused by feline
herpesvirus and calicivirus resulting in flu like symptoms such as a snotty
nose, sneezing, pus from the eyes and occasionally mouth ulcers. Often
fatal in the very young or older cats which is spread through direct
contact or sneezing.
Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) – A fatal virus which destroys the cats
defences spread through direct contact. Spread from mother to young
before birth or through milk also outdoor cats are more at risk through cat
fights and direct contact. A cat can carry the virus for several years before
any sign of disease is evident. A simple blood test can be carried out to
confirm or rule out if a cat is a carrier.
Chlamydia – Causing inflammation, ulcers and discharge from the eyes.
Multi cat house holds are more at risk through direct contact.
Rabies – Necessary as part of the Pet Travel Scheme, required for travel
to a number of countries because of the risk of passing the fatal disease
to humans. Details of each countries requirements and specifics at
Booster vaccinations are recommended to maintain your cats
protection against these diseases, a single injection is given once a
year throughout life along with a general health check from your vet.