brochure side 2 - Feline Lymphoma Caregivers

A good quality food is very important to
your cat and even more so when they are
ill. Fighting cancer takes a huge amount
of energy, so a cat getting a high quality
food is getting that extra source of
strength that comes with eating healthy.
Yes, these foods cost more BUT in the
long run it will save you money in vet bills
and more important than that will keep
your cat healthy and with you that much
longer! Please visit our website for some
wonderful resources on good feline
nutrition and excellent information about
what to do if your cat stops eating. Cats
that don’t eat can get into serious trouble
very quickly.
We have a variety of links to the best
vets, internal specialists, and hospitals
and clinics that specialize in treating
feline cancers. Some of the Vets being
currently used by group members are
world-renowned. We have documents
outlining the different chemo protocols.
There is also information about the use of
holistic approaches for treating cancer. It
can be used by itself or in conjunction
with standard treatment protocols.
We have close to 90 or so case studies of
the different treatments our cancer
kitties have had and/or are currently
receiving. Some of these kitties have been
in remission anywhere from 2 months to 2
years and some are beyond 5 years and
considered to be cancer survivors. We add
to these on a continuous basis. It really
helps to read about the different things
that have been tried and what to expect.
Many Vets give a poor prognosis when it
comes to cancer treatment and survival,
though this is slowly changing as more
people opt to treat their pets!
Many of our kitty parents are very proud
of their furkids and as any parent does,
want to show them off! So we have some
wonderful photos of some of the group’s
leaps and bounds in a very short time. Our
plans are to continue to help parents of
newly diagnosed kitties with cancer deal
with and treat their kitties. And sometime
in the future we plan to write and publish
a Feline Lymphoma Caregivers Guide to
offer support and information for those
caregivers of cats with cancer! Check our
website for updates on this project.
Also stop by and print out our free one
page, 12 month calendar featuring some
of our kitties.
We also have an online Yahoo Feline
Lymphoma group whose members offer
support and information to newcomers
whose cats have just been diagnosed with
lymphoma or other cancers. To have
someone to talk to that knows what
you’re dealing with is so important. Many
members stay on when their furkids have
passed on or gone into remission to help
newcomers and because of the support
and the friendships they have made.
If your kitty has just been diagnosed with
cancer, don’t panic, there is help out
there and we welcome you and your kitty
to join us.
Our website has only been in existence
since June 17th, 2005 but it has grown by