Course Redesign Program 2015-2016 Tenative Timeline of

Course Redesign Program 2015-2016
Tentative Timeline of Milestones for Participants
December 15 2014
Deadline for Proposals.
Interested teams should submit their
proposal by 5 pm, December 15, 2014.
January 2015
All applicants will be notified by 5pm on
January 2, 2015 of their selection.
If accepted, applicants will sign an
agreement of participation.
January 27th, 4:00 PM (attendance
required). Kick-off event: Learn about
course redesign and about the redesign
Dr. Carolyn Jarmon from the National
Center for Academic Transformation
will be at UTC on January 27th-28th to
provide a workshop and follow-up
meetings with redesign teams.
January 28th (attendance required)
Teams meet with course redesign expert
at a time convenient for the team.
February 2015
February 20th, Team members attend
conference workshops hosted by various
UT system instructional developers
focusing on online tools for redesign.
All-day, drop-in style event, held on
March 2015
Written plan for course redesign due
Friday, March 20, 2015 at 5pm.
Follow the NCAT format found here:
April 2015
Teams will meet with WCTL staff and
UTC faculty mentors to work on syllabus
and draft activities together.
Workshops will be held as requested
by redesign teams on topics related to
teaching and learning and the
integration of technology.
WCTL will host workshops on previously
requested topics.
May 2015
Teams will attend the WCTL Instructional
Excellence Conference, May 4-5, 2015
(attendance required).
In-depth workshops on redesign
models will be held.
June 2015
Redesigned syllabus due June 15th.
Teams will highlight how the syllabus
was changed and discuss what
activities will be added. Feedback from
WCTL and faculty mentor will be
provided by the end of June.
July 2015
Redesigned course complete by July
Teams will meet to discuss their course
redesign and demonstrate some of
their activities.
August 2015
Pilot the redesigned course (1-2
Support available throughout the
semester with your WCTL consultant.
Collect assessment data thoughout the
December 2015
Report 1 with assessment data due by
December 15th.
Spring 2016
Full implementation of redesigned
Support available throughout the
semester with your WCTL consultant.
Collect assessment data thoughout the
May 2016
Final Report with assessment data due
by May 15th.