Jamie Glass

Course Redesign
The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL
Course Redesign
Intermediate Algebra
• Redesign -Fully Implemented
• Current Enrollment: Fa09-Sp10 = 2560
• 26 large sections: 100 students per
• Goal of Redesign – to increase student
Intermediate Algebra
Course Structure Currently Offered
• 50 minute “classes” once a week
• 3 hours of additional lab attendance each week at
the discretion of the student (waived if > 70% on all
assignments due in a week)
• Homework and quizzes are worked on the objectives
to be learned
• Tests are given on demand with a specified
completion date
• Relies heavily on email communication with students
Course Redesign - Planning
•Administration Support, Money
•School Visits
•Space, Equipment
•Staffing, Training, Organization
•Start with a committed team – no room for doubt
•Be prepared for surprises – flexibility matters!
Course Redesign - Planning
•Course Structure
• Departmental team vs single instructor
• Logistics
• Class Meetings
• Testing
• Communication
• Policies from the beginning have evolved 180 degrees
• Carrots don’t work, sticks do
•Needs can not always be predicted
Course Redesign – Learning Materials
•Software Package
• Learning tools
• Addresses different student learning styles
• Abundance of problems to choose from for
• Grade book accommodates policies that matter
• User friendly for students and faculty
•Local supplements
Student Reactions
Perceived Advantages
•Flexibility in scheduling
•Ability to move at own pace
•Instant feedback
•Availability of individual help
•Equality of presentation
•Equality of testing
•Elimination of language problems
Student Reactions
Perceived Disadvantages
•Technical problems frustrating
•Confusion regarding course policies
•Lack of a “teacher”
•Inconsistent availability and quality of help
•Necessity of self-discipline for students
Contact Information
Jamie Glass
MTLC Lab Coordinator
The University of Alabama
205 348-2592