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Fetal Medicine Foundation
First Trimester Screening programme
Audit instructions
To comply with the FMF request to audit your nuchal translucency measurements
and receive the 2003 license renewal file, please send:
An “export” of your measurements using the audit module (please do NOT
use the backup function to do this)
Five representative images from each accredited operator
To prepare the “export” file:
1. Select
2. Choose First
Trim. Audit
3. Click on
4. Insert a blank,
formatted floppy
in the field “Save
in” choose “A:\”
and specify a file
name, click on
Please do not e-mail the “export” file, but post it along with your images, so that
the data and images can be looked at together.
Where to send your audit:
Please send your 5 images and a floppy disc along with the AUDIT data to:
An den
Audit-Coordinator der FMF Deutschland
Herrn Dr. Constantin von Kaisenberg
Michalisstr. 16
23105 KIel