Systems Development Engineer (Information processing systems)

Position Description
Project Engineer
Project Delivery
Project Delivery
Reports to:
Project Manager
Direct Reports:
Project Engineers
Project team
The Project Engineer performs work traversing the engineering design and
project implementation, leading the technical contribution to the project.
The project engineer oversees the initial design, drawings and specifications for
projects, liaising with design engineers to define the scope of works and the
detail surrounding the physical installation activities.
The project engineer reports to the project manager
Duties and Responsibilities
 Provide the overall co-ordination of the engineering, technical and physical
installation aspects of project, reviewing the design, drawings, plans and
specifications of the technical delivery requirements.
 Collate the engineering and technical requirements, detailing into concise project
 Serve as the focal point for technical/engineering issues with all involved parties.
 Undertake site surveys or inspections to agree project scope & approach
 Provide engineering and technical support to project managers during the
implementation of Broadcast Australia projects.
 Co-ordinate and plan the required service releases and outages, ensuring
outages are submitted within the customers’ requirements.
 Undertake or supervise the commissioning and testing of equipment’s, compiling
test results and system commissioning reports
 Prepare installation safety documentation – Safety Packs, Safe Working Method
statements and Safety Management Plans
 Provide construction supervision, as directed, for project works carried out by
external contract and internal suppliers
 In-conjunction with the project manager compile & prepare Safe Work Method
Statements (SWMS) for the project.
 In-conjunction with the site supervisor review SWMS and make available to site
and other authorised personnel.
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Date Printed: 16 February 2016
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Standard People Management Responsibilities
Manage and develop an effective, motivated and satisfied team;
 Facilitate and encourage regular communication within and between teams
 Provide regular, clear and specific feedback, actively managing employee
performance issues
 Set objectives and monitor progress against them
 Complete timely and accurate formal employee reviews
 Ensure availability and capability of the team satisfies current and anticipated
future business needs
Standard OHS Responsibilities for People Managers
In accordance with the ‘OHS Management Structure: Functions, Roles and
Responsibilities’ policy, establish and maintain safe systems, processes, practices and
an environment where the wellbeing of yourself, staff, colleagues, contractors, visitors
and the general public is put first, ensuring that all incidents and potential hazards are
Key Challenges
Ability to identify opportunities to improve processes and efficiencies in the
development and implementation of the capital works program.
Maintain the overall management and oversight of the program, balance the need
to closely monitor subordinate projects without being drawn into the fine detail
Apply effective and efficient delegation of coordination, control, management and
reporting to the project level
Minimise disruption to clients’ existing services.
Maintain focus across a broad range of projects, manage often conflicting
Provision of innovative and practical solutions to overcome the limitations of
existing equipment and infrastructure.
Key Relationships/Interactions
Extensive internal relationships within the Broadcast Australia Group which
requires close interaction within Engineering, Network Operations, Property,
Business Development, and Field Services.
Extensive relationships with external providers such as Sub-contractors,
Consultants and Suppliers.
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Core Competencies Required
Vision; Focus on long term outcomes think and act like the owner of the company,
recognise the importance of long term goals, have vision, and commitment to
Technical Learning; Pick up on technical things quickly; can learn new skills and
knowledge; is good at learning new industry, company, product, or technical
knowledge; does well in technical courses and seminars
Time Management; Uses his/her time effectively and efficiently; values time;
concentrates his/her efforts on the more important priorities; gets more done in
less time than others; can attend to a broader range of activities
Attitude; Maintain a positive attitude, remain objective, apologise and admit
mistakes, and maintain a positive frame of mind.
Typical Skills / Qualifications / Background Required
Degree (or equivalent) in a relevant engineering discipline (e.g. Electrical,
Communications, Electronics, Mechanical)
Minimum of 5 years’ experience within a project engineering role including working
within demanding and complex project environments
High communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills
Ability to multi-task and to have a high attention to detail.
High communication, negotiation and conflict resolution skills
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