Extreme Computing Student Product Competition

hITEC OCTANe Student Product Competition
(Due: Saturday, March 28, 2009, by 12 midnight)
The purpose of this document is to provide the final and most detailed description of your proposed
product. Please limit your final submission to no more than 15 text pages and 10 graphics pages. You
must use the checkmate system to submit your Final Product Specification.
Team # ____________________ (required)
Product Name: ____________________
1. Product Description
Describe the product, its functionality, purpose and what the user will be able to accomplish with it.
2. Market Demand
Describe the market for this product.
Who would use the product and what need would it fill?
Identify the 2-3 products that would compete with this product. Identify these products by name and
describe their role in the marketplace. What are their prices?
Describe how your product is different from these products. What is its competitive edge in
functionality, technology, ease of use, cost, reduction in user labor, etc.?
What would be the estimated price of this product? How does this price compare to the competitors’
3. User Analysis
Describe the end users of the product and how they would benefit from it. What would be the return on
investment to the user?
4. User Interface
Describe the user interface. Provide specific graphics or detailed descriptions of key user interfaces.
5. Functional and Non-Functional Requirements
Describe the product features and requirements that are necessary for the product to be successful.
6. Product Architecture
Describe the software or hardware architecture of your product. Provide a block diagram including all
of the major modules and their interaction (via arrows). Describe what each module does and its
interface. On what platform(s) does it run?
7. Product Development Specifications
Describe the product specification and major modules.
Product Specifications: How will your product implement the required functionality? Describe all
required major module interactions and communication.
Major Product Modules: What operations do they perform, how do they accomplish this, their
interfaces, and their algorithm and data structures (at a reasonably high level)?
8. Product Development
Describe the proposed process for developing this product.
What specific software or hardware would be developed by the team for this product?
What specific products (developed by other manufacturers) would this product utilize?
Indicate in what order the modules need to be developed. For each module, what level of effort and
schedule would be involved to develop this product (i.e., worker hours)?
How are the modules and the entire product tested?
If you are proposing a hardware project, please describe the hardware implementation in detail.
Address manufacturing costs and how the product can be produced at a competitive price.
9. Additional Comments (not required)