S2a Assignment Overview (.doc)

Include a 2-page executive summary (summarizes design and test plan)
An extension of S2a (Conceptual Design Document)
Represents a technical picture of the system specification
Describe in detail:
- The flow of data within the system
- How individual modules interact
- Hierarchy and function of the software components
Write pseudo-code or provide a code outline for each module (Must call other high-level functions and
be readable – Make sure it’s standards compliant)
Include test schedules
Update the sections describing coding sections
Work will be filling in details of modules
Do integration testing on the document to see if people are using the same names, standards etc.
Test that all parts of the document work together
Include test plan and any documentation about the plan that is relevant. Include things like the order
that modules should be integrated, and the order that each module should be completed and tested in
isolation (unit testing)
Include testing and debugging methods in their own section. (Documented well)
Include several stages of testing and several testing procedures should be explored (document this and
include it in its own section)
Provide a schedule for:
- Unit tests
- Integration tests
- Functional testing
- Performance evaluation
- And, an acceptance test (demo)
Include a monitoring process (plan) to ensure that:
- Tests are designed and carried out on time
Also develop a method to report lack of compliance to other group members
Design a procedure for reporting and correcting bugs in the software
The Test Plan (10-15 pages)
The test plan should contain:
- An intro section that summarizes the objectives
- A list of tests and dates, and people responsible for each
- Summary of the monitoring, reporting, and correcting procedures
- Proposed dates of submission of individual test reports
- A short discussion section defending the integration plan
- Details
o Details of tests with objectives and success criteria
o Details of monitoring, reporting, and correcting procedures
o Details of individual group member assignments
- Use walkthroughs regularly
Class diagram (general view
Important functionality (skeleton)
Sequence diagrams / collaboration diagrams
Dome will be specialized functions (flow charts)
Activity diagrams (for concurrent functionality)
Think of the class diagram as the middle – all other diagrams will fill in either high-level or lowlevel functionality
Interpolation of data (pseudo code only for places that are VERY important for be specified – specialized