Cinquain cinquai1



A Cinquain has 5 lines Line 1-

One word


two syllables

(may be the title) Line 2-

Four syllables

(describing the subject or title) Line 3-

Six syllables

(showing action with ‘-ing’ principles) Line 4-

Eight syllables

(phrase that tells more about what you’re writing about) Line 5-

Two syllables

(describing or renaming the subject) OR Line 1-

One word

Title Line 2-

Two words

describing the title Line 3-

Three words

showing action about the title Line 4

- Four words

showing feeling about the title Line 5-

One word

that is a


for the title Example: Mountains Isolated tall Snow-capping cloud-touching White against shining, azure sky High Peaks

Template Title of Poem Author's Name

______________________ ______________________, ______________________ __________________, __________________, __________________ ____________________________________________________ . ______________________ = 1 noun = 2 adjectives = 3 ‘-ing’ words = 1 sentence = 1 noun (synonym for top noun)

Follow-Up Activities

1. Students' work will be compiled into the school anthology. 2. Students can illustrate poems with hand-drawn or computer generated images.