Saint Report

Saint Report
All Saints’ Day, November 1st, is a day when we honor important people who performed memorable acts
helping others and demonstrating their love for God. It has become a tradition for the children of St. Louis
School to research a saint of their choice. This information will be presented in the first person as a part of a
play on October 31st. Each child will dress up as the saint they represent and speak for about two-three
minutes telling about the saint’s life. Below is the outline that should be used to complete this assignment.
The report is to…….
Typed - double spaced
Font size 12-14 font (no fancy fonts, easy to read and in
black ink)
Bibliography page - – All work must be cited and one of
the references must be a book
Report Guidelines
The report must include the following:
A Cover Page featuring:
a picture of your saint
saint’s name & feast day
if a patron saint, of what
date canonized
child’s name should be at the bottom right hand corner
Biographical information – a brief story of what your child has learned about the saint, including
when and where they lived, family life, childhood, job, and any important events in their lives.
Details of the saint’s faith journey including – how are they a follower of Christ? How did they live
their lives? What did the saint do that was remarkable or inspiring? Virtues the saint
demonstrated. The reason they became a saint,special devotions and symbols they are known for.
Application to their lives – include an explanation of the reasons why you chose this saint. How
are they a good role model for your child to follow? Examples of virtues that your child admires,
and how they can emulate them in their own lives.
Attached is the rubric that will be used to grade the report.
Helpful Websites:,; and
The report is due on Wednesday, October 29th and the costume must be ready for dress rehearsal on
Wednesday, October 30th. They will also need their costume for the All Saints Mass and play on Friday,
October 31st.
For the play, your child has 2-3 minutes to capture highlights of their saint’s life. It should be written in the
first person, as if they were the saint. They can use index cards, and should be ready to use at the dress
On October 31st, we will begin the reports shortly after we return from Mass – approximately 10:30 a.m.
Your invited to stay and have lunch with your child following the reports. The children will join the rest of
the school in the Halloween Parade at 1:50 p.m., dressed as the saint.
We look forward to seeing you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.
Janine Scopa and Erin Smith
Please take a moment to read the information below, and return this to your child’s teacher no later than
Monday, September 29thth.
In order to avoid several children taking the same saint, please list your child’s first two choices. We will
do our best to accommodate their first choice.
Student’s Name _________________________________________________
First Choice_____________________________________________________
Second Choice___________________________________________________
Parent Signature_________________________________________________________
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