Choose Your Own Holy Book God works with different people in

Choose Your Own Holy Book
God works with different people in different ways. Most people are inspired by books about
saints. Some people grow in their prayer life by reading about prayer or the sacraments. You
may choose any kind of book that is about God in some direct way.
Your report should be in cursive and in pen or typed, 12 point, Times New Roman font,
double spaced.
It should be at least one full page long.
You will also need to prepare a short talk to give to the class about your book:
Describe your book in about three sentences.
Say what you like about it.
Say who you think might like to read it.
Please choose a book by: ________________
Your report is due: _________________
If you chose a saint biography, your
report should include:
1. Name of your book, author, and publisher
2. Summarize the life of your saint in three
or more paragraphs. Include the following
A. Childhood of your saint.
B. Was there an important decision
that they made? What was it and
why did they make this decision?
C. Give a detailed account of one
important event in the life of your
D. Describe how they died.
3. What did you like about this saint?
4. Is there anything you found about this
saint that reminds you of yourself?
5. To whom would you recommend this
If you chose a spiritual book that is not a
1. Name of book and author
2. Write a summary that could go on the
back of the book so that someone would
know what the book is about and want to
read it. (At least eight sentences.)
3. What did you learn from reading this
book? (At least three sentences)
4. To whom would you recommend this
Some suggestions:
(The first two are fine for everyone, the
rest are more difficult and might be
better for 7th and 8th grade)
A Right to be Merry by Mother Mary
Frances P.C.C. (About life in a Poor Clare
Shepherd’s Tartan by Sister Mary Jean
The Practice of the Presence of God by
Brother Lawrence (Short book on how to
pray always)
The Great Divorce by C.S. Lewis (On
heaven and hell)
Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis (Letters of
an experienced devil to his young nephew)
Swear to God by Scott Hahn (On the
Lord Have Mercy by Scott Hahn (On
The Lamb’s Supper by Scott Hahn (On the