Sustainable Construction Project Checklist

Sustainable Construction Project Checklist
NB To be completed on all projects with a value above £50,000 at the stage that the tender is approved / target cost agreed
Pre Design
Considered at Planning
and Project Brief stage
Good Design
High quality, high density mixed
development with services such as shops,
schools, healthcare and recreation provided
Use of good quality lasting materials with
low levels of maintenance and, where
appropriate, low levels of embodied energy.
Use of recycled materials where possible
Use existing buildings rather than demolish
Design for Community safety – incorporating
“Secured by Design” principles.
Recycle greywater and recycle rainwater
from buildings and ensure on-site drainage
for all rainwater wherever possible.
Clean up or neutralise contamination.
Practice lean construction methods.
Utilise natural ventilation and light.
Design Process
Considered at the
Project Design
Target <10%
Comments/Results/measurable targets
or actual outcomes
Design for deconstruction with minimum
Minimise import/export of materials on
construction sites
Specifiying or encouraging the use of local
suppliers, sub contractors and materials to
aid economic development, sustain local
jobs and reduce the transport of goods and
personnel is undertaken
Protect occupiers from external noise and
ensure that new development does not
increase the noise climate or otherwise
adversely affect the surrounding
Design residential streets to increase the
priority of pedestrians over vehicles.
Retain and re-use built heritage to preserve
and enhance character and sense of place.
Art and community facilities incorporated
into public spaces.
Whole life costs are taken into account
Climate Change
Ensure energy reduction/efficiency.
Utilise high standards of insulation.
Use alternative forms of energy and heat
Reduce the need to travel.
Promote Green travel plans.
Promote public transport.
Provide good access by foot and cycle
Low energy bulbs in street lighting to reduce
whole life running costs
Minimise waste/maximise reuse of recycled
materials in the construction
Protect air quality by minimising emissions
from transport and buildings.
Use of materials from sustainable sources
Public Development
New public development should set an
example of excellence in terms of quality of
design, materials, energy efficiency and
minimising the need to travel.
Effective protection of the environment and
prudent use of natural resources.
Greening the City
Provide a diversity of well designed and
managed open and green spaces.
Enhance the character and appearance and
attractiveness of our area
Protect and providing for wildlife.
Recognise cities are heat islands so
providing shade and heat absorption.
Retain valuable trees on sites and
incorporating new planting where
Increase biodiversity where possible.
Check list Colour Code
Green = considered and applied
Yellow - Considered but not applied
Red = Not considered or applied
N/A = Not applicable
Scoring : The Sustainability Index = The number of items assessed as “considered and applied” divided by the number applicable x100.