Remember the rules to reduce paper waste:

AVOID unnecessary consumption!

REDUSE consumption!





Remember the tiny rules to save on paper:

Use your e-mails and mobile phones to send messages more often!

Archive lesson, tests and documents in your computers and memory sticks!

Make notes or print draft letters or reports on the back side of the used papers!

Read and edit text on your computer before you print them!

Print on both sides if the documents consist of many pages!

Read online newspapers and magazines!

Read e-books!

Separate paper from other wastes!

Replace paper napkins with ones made of cloth!

Use towels instead of kitchen rolls!

Buy products made of recycled paper!

Dispose of paper waste at the recycling points!

Use glasses and plates made of porcelain or glass, not cardboard!

Always carry a multiple shopping bag with you and refuse to take paper bags in shops!

Use extra paper to make home decorations!

Buy notebooks, books and toilet paper made of recycled paper to reduce tree cutting!

Use your notebooks to the most and do not skip pages and lines!

Re-use textbooks!

Replace paper invoices with electronic ones!

Paper recycling around the world:

The Netherlands recycle about

77% of used paper;

Germany recycles about 67% of used paper;

Japan recycles about 52% of used paper;

The USA recycle about 45% of used paper.

Facts that make us consider:

2 billion books, 359 million magazines and 24 billion newspapers are printed in the USA each year;

40% of waste on Earth is paper;

The production 9 000 paper sheets destroys one tree;

A kilo of paper consumes about 324 liters of water to make;

We recycle because:

We reduce wood consumption.That is how we prevent tree cutting.Today over 90% of the world paper is made of wood.

Recycling 1 ton of newspaper paper saves 1 ton of wood while recycling 1 ton of copy and fax paper saves over 2 tons.

Paper can be recycled up to 8 times!

The rules to reduce paper waste as proposed and written by Victor Velichkov, Emel Yosunova, Petar

Prokopiev, Kristina Dimova, ІІІ „D” class

Ivan Vazov School, Pleven, Bulgaria