Going Green

Going Green
Green building design is reshaping the practices and products of modern construction.
Climate change concerns are motivating the use of green building products and sustainable
techniques. Energy use in buildings is increasing and could continue to rise. By using new
sustainable methods, materials, and mechanical components, architects and engineers are
able to create structures that can curb that trend. A sustainable building design reduces
pressure on the environment by decreasing energy consumption during the life cycle of a
building. During the design process, continually consider incorporating sustainable features
into your home design.
· Computer with Internet access
You will learn more about green and sustainable practices and then respond to the
questions below. For each statement below, describe a reasonable action. Use the US
Green Building Council (www.usgbc.org) and the US Environmental Protection Agency
(www.epa.gov) sites to begin your search. Be sure to write down which website you used
for each question.
1. Rainfall falls on most parcels of property throughout the world. Describe one method that
could be used to collect this natural resource.
Website: http//_____________________________________________________
2. Describe an advanced construction method or technique that benefits the environment.
Website: http//_____________________________________________________
3. During the construction cycle of the building, materials and components are delivered to
the site. List a strategy that you will use to recycle the waste produced during the
construction phase.
Website: http//_____________________________________________________
4. Energy use is high in commercial buildings. What might a designer do to reduce energy
consumption in a building?
Website: http//_____________________________________________________
5. Building sites offer natural resources that can be utilized for the life of the building.
Describe a method to use a site’s natural resources in the construction of the structure.
Website: http//_____________________________________________________
1. Describe an original green and sustainable idea that you have. Choose one that is not
currently in use as far as you know.
2. Describe an improvement that you believe could be made to the building where you
live. Describe why it is an improvement.