Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy
Waters Waste Services Ltd
Waters Waste Services Ltd takes environmental issues very seriously. We
should all be aware of environmental issues and all have a responsibility
to ensure that practises are kept up to date and legislation met.
We should also take an active roll in trying to be responsible for the
environment where legislation is not yet been applied - we as an
organisation, strongly believe that the environment is too big an issue
which is why every employee is encouraged to take a proactive role in its
protection and care.
Waters Waste Services Ltd working with our employees is committed to
leading the industry in minimising the impact of its activities on the
environment by
Minimising emissions through the selection and use of its fleet and
the source of its power requirement and, by measuring its impact
on the environment and set targets for ongoing improvement
Minimise waste by evaluating operations and ensure they are as
efficient as possible
Actively promote recycling both internally and through its customers
and suppliers
Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation that relates to the
Minimise the negative environmental impacts that may arise
through operations
Comply with all codes of good practice and other codes which are
relevant to our operations
Give due consideration to environmental effects of energy usage
during operational practices