Name: Date: Period: ______ Glaciers Webquest Directions: Use the

Name: _____________________________________ Date: _________________ Period: ______
Glaciers Webquest
Directions: Use the links provided to answer the following questions.
1. Define Glacier
2. What are the two physical effects that a glacier has on the land as it moves around?
3. What are glacial striations? What do they tell about a glacier?
4. What is a moraine?
5. What is till?
6. What type of deposit is Long Island? How did the rock deposits get there?
7. What is a glacial erratic?
8. Where do the glacial erractics on Long Island come from? How do they get here?
9. Describe glacial outwash and tell where they are found.
10. Which rivers on Long Island are believed to be outwash channels? (Use ctrl F and type in river to
11. Describe glacial kettles (or kettle holes)?
12. Which lake on Long Island is believed to be a glacial kettle lake?
13. Describe briefly how this kettle lake formed?
14. Where do most of the worlds glaciers exist? ____________________________
15. List the 7 continents and circle the ONLY ONE that doesn’t have any glaciers on it? Areas that
currently have glaciers. The areas that are covered with glaciers will be white on the map shown.
Name: _____________________________________ Date: _________________ Period: ______
16. Describe the climactic environment that is needed for glaciers to form.
17. What are the two main types of glaciers
i. (aka _____________________________)
18. Besides climate, what is the other key factor influencing glacial formation?
19. List the 4 different types of precipitation that are key for glacier survival.
20. Why do glaciers form so slowly in Antarctica?
21. What is ablation and what is it caused by?
22. What is a drumlin?
23. What are finger lakes? How do they form?
24. Write a statement about what is happening to global temperature and CO2 concentration and tell
me what you think this is doing to the current glaciers. Also make a sketch of the graphs shown.
Name: _____________________________________ Date: _________________ Period: ______
25. Why are ice shelves collapsing such a problem? What are the effects of this occurring? What is it
an indicator of?